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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Apr 18, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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All Work and No Play Turns Jeff's Hair Red! An Interview with busy actor Jeff Dylan Graham
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Jeff Dylan Graham has carved out a name for himself in the world of low-budget cinema, working with everyone from Debbie Rochon to J.R. Bookwalter to Steve Sessions to Jason Paul Collum.

DG: While your role in BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES was a one-day shoot, many viewers have loved your hilarious performance. How was the shoot?

JDG: It was quick, fun and pretty damn easy! Everyone was really great. Turned out to be a really funny film!

DG: What was the deal with the orange hair?

JDG: I had just come off doing a modeling gig, and they had dyed my hair bright orange. This was literally a couple of days before the shoot, so I never had time to get it switched back. I think it really worked for the character though, since the movie is filled with tons of insane, wacky people.

DG: BAD MOVIE POLICE CASE #3: HUMANOIDS FROM ATLANTIS has recently come out. You had a larger role in the wraparounds this time - how were those shoots? All three were shot at the same time, right?

JDG: It was cool to work with Tempe again. We shot in L.A. for four days, doing all three episodes back-to-back. Ariauna Albright was so funny, and I always love working with my friend Lilith Stabs. We were shooting on a soundstage in the middle of Los Angeles, and I remember there being a homeless guy who was running around the studio asking for money, and a rap video was shooting across the street. It was all very surreal.

DG: You seem to keep yourself very busy, which must be hard for an actor working in the low-budget level. What's your secret?

JDG: Not sure. There are definitely incredibly busy times, but then there are slow times. It's really unpredictable. What's nice is now I don't have to look for the work as much, it tends to come to me more often. This may sound pretentious, but I'm trying to really be more selective with the projects I'm taking on. I do get offered a lot of really really bad stuff (and I'm quite aware of just how many bad films I'm guilty of making), so now is the time that I have to concentrate on making the good stuff. I think when my last couple of films are FINALLY released, I will feel a little more secure about my work. But at this point, the bad far outweighs the good. So I'm trying to be patient and more aware of what projects I'm taking on -- and I'm definitely looking forward to the release of some of my new movies.

DG: You recently had a couple of overlapping movie shoots: OCTOBER MOON and SOUTHERN GOTHIC. What are the movies about and how did the shoots overlap?

JDG: That was all a little crazy. I basically recieved word that I'd be shooting both movies at the same time about a week prior. All the while I was in the middle of moving and about to do a convention. I literally left Ohio and went straight into shooting OCTOBER MOON. It was an extremely challenging character for me, and ended up taking a lot out of me emotionally. Not to mention that I ended up finding love very unexpectedly during the shoot, which was something that had never happened to me while working on a film. I think the movie has some great performances, and a lot of style. It's definitely something that hasn't quite been done before. I was able to meet Judith O'Dea, who is just an incredibly sweet and giving person. From what I saw of her performance, I was blown away. She was very inspiring. All of the actors involved really put there heart into the movie, so I think it'll definitely show through in the final film.

Then in the middle of shooting I headed out to Louisiana/Mississippi to shoot another lead in SOUTHERN GOTHIC. This character was the polar opposite of my character in the OCTOBER MOON. It was a ton of fun, and was a character I've wanted to play for a long time. A paranormal investigator who has many layers to him. It was kind-of a Donald Pleasance-type character, with trenchcoat and all. It's a very creepy ghost story, with some fun little twists, and some definitely odd moments. Should be awesome! Right after coming off that film I headed back up to Wisconsin to complete OCTOBER MOON. I was pretty exhausted after all was said and done -- but you can't really bitch about having that the kind-of opportunity fall in your lap. It was a real challenge.

DG: What can we look forward to coming up from Jeff Dylan Graham?

JDG: There's definitely stuff in the works, but I don't want to mention anything just yet. There may be some television in my future, as well as my upcoming directorial debut which has been in development for a long time. I'm trying to do different stuff, and I'm all about experimenting with different things now, not just movies. So keep your eyes peeled. As far as acting goes, I'm hoping that some of the bigger projects I'm attached to come together.

Right now, I'm super excited about HOME SICK - t's my biggest project yet, and a VERY VERY cool slasher movie that is coming out soon from Synapse Films.

DG: Best of luck with everything.

JDG: Thanks for all of the support from everyone! And to all who are involved in low-budget indie movies, think quality not quantity!

Keep up with Jeff at http://www.jeffdgraham.com

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