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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Apr 14, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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Quicksand to Chloroform: Laura G Rides A Wave of Video
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Laura Giglio has been a long-time staple of the damsells in distress video adventures put out by New Jersey's WAVE Productions and others. She's died just about every death there is and keeps coming back for more! What makes this lovely lady tick? Laura took a few moments to give Dark Gallery the scoop.
DG: You certainly seem to keep busy with lots of projects - what's your secret?

LG: I'm self employed, so I have a very flexible schedule and I love acting, so I'm always looking for acting opportunities!

DG: You've been through a lot on screen, from chloroformings to quicksand. Do you enjoy the work or does it sometimes become a drag?

LG: I actually really enjoy the work! Sometimes it can be a drag when I'm tied up for long periods of time or I have a ball gag in my mouth ( I hate that!) and quicksand is messy and cold, but over all, I have fun with it!

DG: Tell us about your role in Phil Herman's Around Midnight.

LG: I play Mary, a young woman who's boyfriend dumps her and she goes nuts and drives her car into a tree. Soon she's lost in a creepy forest and being chased by Death! I also star as a vampire in Phil Herman's upcoming "After Midnight"!

DG: Can you tell us about Cannibal Hillbillies or the Witches Feast movies? I sense a theme here...

LG: In Cannibal Hillbillies, I play Suzy May, a crazy cannibal hillbilly girl who, along with her brother (Dean Paul), chase and kidnap a young woman (Debbie D) to eat for dinner! In The Witch's Feast 1 and 2, I play an evil witch who captures, cooks and eats young women for dinner! Pamela Sutch plays my first victim in part 1 and she also plays her twin sister in part 2.

DG: What do you remember about The Case Of The Two Fanny Starrs? The description says, "Laura Giglio joins the cast as Penelope and constantly finds herself in all sorts of deathtraps!"

LG: I play Penelope and if I recall correctly, I was drenched with water and tied to a chair with a noose around my neck which was strung through an eyehook on the ceiling and the other end was tied around the waist of my friend (Deana), who had to keep running on a treadmill. If she got tired and fell down, she would hang me. There was also a bomb set nearby and the trigger for the bomb was put between my legs, so if I dropped it, the bomb would explode. The only way to stop the treadmill was if I could reach the button with my foot which was tied to the chair. It was quite a deathtrap!

DG: You've been in both Chloroformed Model 2 and Chloroformed Model 4. What's the secret to performing a convincing chloroform scene?

LG: I usually struggle for a while, trying to hold my breath, then act like I finally need to breath, then I roll my eyes and "pass out".

DG: One of your specialties is your mermaid videos. How did you get involved with mermaids?

LG: I've always loved mermaids ever since I was a little girl. I used to tie my legs together with a belt and wear flippers in the pool and pretend I was a mermaid! As an adult, I decided it would be great to portray a mermaid and make mermaid movies! I have custom mermaid tails that were made for me and customers send in their scripts and I make custom mermaid movies out of them with help from WAVE Productions, then sell them on my website: http://MermaidDreams.FoxMoonProductions.com.

DG: Tell us about the 2 stories on Mermaid Tales #1.

LG: The 2 stories on Mermaid Tales #1 are To Dream or Not To Dream and Demon of Temptation. In To Dream, I play Daphne, a young woman who wins the lottery and her cheating husband and her sister (Kimberly Lynn Cole) decide to drown me in the tub and take the money for themselves. But Daphne's been having weird dreams that she's actually a mermaid and she manages to get her revenge!

In Demon, I play Satira, a demon mermaid who haunts Marguerite (Debbie D) and tries to convince her to drown herself so she can become a demon mermaid as well. Marguerite only sees Satira when she takes the strange pills prescribed to her by her mysterious doctor (Isabelle Stephen). Holly Bernabe also makes an appearance in a sequence filmed by Joe Sherlock.

DG: Where can fans keep up to date with you?

LG: I'd like to thank my fans for their support and you can check out my Yahoo group for all my latest news at www.groups.yahoo.com/group/LauraG. You can also check out my mermaid video group: www.groups.yahoo.com/group/MermaidVideo and my 2 websites: www.members.tripod.com/~lauragiglio/index.html and http://MermaidDreams.FoxMoonProductions.com.

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