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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Apr 07, 2005 at 02:00 AM
Producer Sam Raimi, who knows a thing or two about horror, is bringing a common childhood terror to the silver screen via the upcoming Ghost House Pictures film BOOGEYMAN. Set in Pennsylvania, the story tells the haunting tale of a young man, Tim, emotionally traumatized by memories of terrible things in his childhood bedroom as a little boy. After the tragic death of his father, he decides to return to the house he grew up in to face his fears of that bedroom. Fears of a mysterious being that could merely be a figment of his imagination. The experience might help him work out. Unless, of course, the Boogeyman is real...

Director Stephen Kay has helmed such diverse efforts as the Sylvester Stallone feature GET CARTER and TV's THE SHIELD and has an ecclectic acting resule which includes work in films like ANGEL EYES and THE MOD SQUAD plus TV work on everything from GENERAL HOSPITAL to MURDER SHE WROTE. Barry (7th Heaven) Watson stars as Tim, the man with the Boogeyman fears. While the movie is set in Pennsylvania, it was shot in New Zealand.

Raimi's Ghost House Pictures partner is Rob Tapert, whose name might sound familiar to fans of the Xena TV show, which Tapert & Raimi produced in New Zealand under their Renaissance Pictures banner. At the end of the show's run, Tapert married Xena star Lucy Lawless and it's that connection that resulted in Lawless playing the lead character's mother. The change of pace of the character is what attracted Lawless to the role: the mother is a drug-addicted crazy woman with short red hair, a definite departure from the brunette warrior princess she played for years.

Boogeyman trailers are attached to the recent horror film SAW and the film is set for release in February of 2005.

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