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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Apr 06, 2005 at 02:00 AM
Eric Spudic is a b-movie maniac. He's been a superfan for years with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of everything from Fred Olen Ray and David DeCoteau sex romps to Italian creature features. He has written gobs of genre scripts and actually seen many of them produced! On top of all that, he's been an actor, producer and director and loves all things "B." Eric took time out of his busy schedule of hanging out with scream queens in hot tubs to answer a few questions for Dark Gallery.

DG: It looks like SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD, the sequel to Eric Stanze's SAVAGE HARVEST is going to coming out sometime next year. Tell us about your participation with this movie.

ES: I played the character of Lee Phillips, a college kid who's out with his friends out in the middle of nowhere and we all get terrorized by demons. There's some very gorrific moments involving severed heads, limbs, chainsaws, axes and more. From the script, I bet there must've been triple the amount of gore than the first one.

I was actually working on Jeremy Wallace's THE UNDERTOW when one of the actors, Jason Christ, asked me to play a part in SAVAGE 2. I was more than honored! It was supposed to come out in October of 2003, but then was pushed back to October of 2004. Well, then there was some delays and problems and now the new release date is October of 2005. It'll be worth the wait, though!

DG: What's happening with KILLERS BY NATURE?

ES: Sure beats me, lol. This is another movie that's taking forever to get released, let alone being finished. The whole cast and crew is pissed off at me for the whole thing! It was a blast to do. There's some pretty brutal moments in it and a few laughs.

We shot that in the summer of 2002 and it was scheduled for release in early 2003. Then it got pushed back and back and back and now the new release date is early 2005. I'll probably hold premieres in both Illinois and California. Sub Rosa is distributing. The soundtrack rules!

DG: You played Josh in perhaps one of the weirdest holiday movies ever, PSYCHO SANTA. How did you end up involved with that project?

ES: Back in late 2001, a director named Peter Keir had contacted me about possibly associate-producing and acting in his movie, "Psycho Santa". It was to be a very low-budget movie shot in Mississippi. I hadn't seen much of his work, but liked the script and character a lot, so I went for it. It proved to be one of the greatest experiences of my career so far. The fake title was even RED CHRISTMAS. I was just asked to help produce it at first, yet I cleverly arranged for me to have a role in it.

DG: You've racked up a number of screenwriting credits including BLOODY TEASE, CREEPIES, MANIACAL and AQUANOIDS. Any more Spudic b-classics in our future?

ES: CREEPIES and DEADLY CULTURE have distribution now and are getting released soon. I don't even know the distributors, that's how secretive these producers can be. I'm the last to know. CREEPIES was a movie I wrote and Jeff Leroy directed. It's probably my favorite movie as a writer.

DEADLY CULTURE I haven't even seen yet. I co-wrote it along with a friend and then from there, two more writers did doctoring/polishing work on it. Four writers!!! Word is that it's terrible, super-bad! As in EVIL UNLEASHED bad. I also wrote a spec script called MASSACRE MANSION. More 80's-ish sleaze with lots of gore. Hoping to have it shot on super-16mm with a few semi-names.

DG: So you've gone moved out to Hollywood and not only that, but are working for b-movie king Fred Olen Ray. Tell us all about it!

ES: Hollywood is groovy! It's definitely the place to be for folks who like to work a lot. I'm very prolific and love to keep building up the resume. I'm meeting movie people almost daily now. Last night I mingled with Karen Black and Alan Orsmby. Tonight I'm going to William Butler's party and it's sure to be filled with celebs. Also have spotted Jay Leno, Benny Urquidez, and Ken Foree out in public. A few months ago I went to Jim Wynorski's house and hung out with him.

Working with Fred Ray is the best! I worshipped the guy for a decade and had met him once, then first thing when I get out here, he put me to work on THE GLASS TRAP. I thought that might be my only experience working with him. But a few weeks later he asked if I'd work at Retromedia. I gladly accepted and have gained mucho amounts of knowledge since. Meeting lots of great people, too. You should all go to www.retromedia.org and buy lots of dvds!

DG: Anything else you'd like to add?

ES: Um, I think more folks need to shoot on film. Digital just ain't all that great looking. And DEAD CLOWNS is now out in the U.K.. Probably one of the creepiest, most well-made indie horror movies of all-time. Plus, I'm writing a kids adventure comedy on spec right now. What a weird change of pace.

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