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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Apr 02, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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From Douche to Dreck: The Crazy World of Mike Legge
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Mike Legge is an anomaly in the world of microbudget cinema - in a world awash with cheap horror homages rife with karo syrup blood, strippers posing as actresses and performances that are often unintentionally funny, Legge has gone for the intentional laugh with a string of spoofs and comedy gems, all with more heart than your average shot-on-video cannibalistic killer.

Coming off of his 60's spy spoof HONEY GLAZE and 50's sci-fi-flavored BRAINDRAINER, Legge has tossed his candidacy into the politic satire ring with his upcoming release DEMOCRAZY.

DG: Tell us why you were inspired to try your hand at an overtly political satire.

ML: Things are such a mess today; I just wanted to vent my frustration about all the stupidity and greed running rampant. Not that it hasn't always been out there, it's just seems more like a lifestyle now. I love Dr. Strangelove, and I used to make short films that were political comedies, but the time seemed ripe for a full length shot at it. The only problem was figuring out how many aspects of our culture to throw into it.

DG: What is the plot of the movie?

ML: Democrazy is about an "alternate" America which is called Martica. I think something that has become really funny to me is telling the truth. Our whole day is saturated with lies; by the media, our leaders, etc. We all know the old diatribe that corporations really control the country because they buy off our politicians, and the populace is merely consumers or cannon fodder for this week's war. So I came up with an alternate society where it's openly accepted and acknowledged that the nation is run by the fat cats and the rest of us are sheep. The homeless are kept in their own sector and used as meat for fast food restaurants. There are legal sniping zones. The president can go on the air and tell the people exactly how he's going to screw them and they cheer and applaud. A strange brand of terrorists are getting the attention of the citizens by staging silly attacks. However, an impending natural disaster prompts a small group of people to take action. But whose side are they on?

DG: Your movies are always populated with oddball, yet memorable characters. From "The Amazing Jacques" in BRAINDRAINER to Dr. Sum Thaim from HONEY GLAZE. Who do you think might be a real stand out in DEMOCRAZY?

ML: It's a big cast. I tried to be nonpartisan but it's hard when the ruling class are Republicans right now. I play President Douche, (gee, I wonder who that's supposed to be?) He's an apparent dough head and womanizer, the first lady is a boozer and pill popper. There's a mutated three eyed scientist, Siamese twin news commentators, a sexy intern, a blockhead bodyguard; but the main characters are four people who each have a specific super power that they hope will aid their country in their fight against the terrorists, known as the All Crazy Network.

DG: Did you work anything from the current elections into your script, or were you intentionally trying to avoid that?

ML: Not so much the current elections as the issues of the day, particularly environmental and social ones. I wanted it to still have relevance after the election, no matter how it goes.

DG: How was the actual shoot? How long did it take? Did you have any troubles or classic "set stories?"

ML: We usually take about 6 months to shoot, always on weekends. Post production on this one is taking longer than usual, because this has more special effects than any other movie I've done. But they're looking great! The first day of shooting, as I was loading my car I slipped on the ice and broke a couple of ribs. I swear I was pushed by John Ashcroft but no one believes me. He wasn't in town at the time. Sometimes it's amazing what we do around here without getting bugged. I live in a small town, and we staged a kidnapping right in the center of town and no one blinked or reported us to the cops. We were very careful one day though, where we had a realistic looking gun. We'd pocket it every time someone drove by.

DG: You probably haven't had time to take a breath after post-production on DEMOCRAZY, but do you have a "next project" planned yet?

dr. dreck! ML: I recently became a local public access TV "horror host", showing old public domain movies in central Massachusetts. The show is called The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck and I'm having a ball with it. Lorna (Honey Glaze) Nogueira plays my sidekick, Moaner, the zombie cheerleader. The show is becoming popular around here; it's being broadcast in about six towns now. I grew up during the 60's and got my love of horror and sci-fi from watching the "creature feature" shows and late night horror flicks, sometimes hosted, sometimes not. I'm playing around with the idea of doing a movie about a horror host, but I don't have a clear idea yet where I want to go with it. You can visit my Dreck website which has QT movies of our wraparound segments: http://home.comcast.net/~sideshowmike/dreck.htm. We don't insert ourselves into the movie or make wise ass remarks while they're running; I hate that. We may have fun with them but it's always with affection.

DG: Anything else you'd like to add?

ML: It may sound tired, but go out and vote this year! This is a significant election, and we don't want the Supreme Court picking our president again.

You can check out Mike's Sideshow Cinema website at: http://home.comcast.net/~sideshowmike

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