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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Apr 01, 2005 at 02:00 AM
Despite being in the decidedly non-Hollywood-like state of Oregon, Shannon has managed to rack up a filmography that rivals other b-movie starlets. She's had roles in everything from Odd Noggins to Housebound to The Seekers to "Abomination: Evilmaker 2." Her latest releases include the Sub Rosa releases Twisted Illusions 2 and Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires.

DG: You are featured on 2 new DVDs, yet they've been a while in the making. Let's start with the "Betrayal" segment on Twisted Illusions 2. When and where was that shot?

S: Wow!! That is an old one. It was back in the fall of 2002. We shot most of it at John Bowker's (PipeDreams Entertainment) house.

DG: Who to do you play in "Betrayal?" What is the story about?

S: I'm not sure the character had a name its been that long ago. The story is about a woman who is stood up after clearly having special plans for her birthday by her boyfriend. She finally decides to drive by his house and finds him with another woman. Naturally she is enraged and rather then confront him she drives home plotting revenge. As usual the revenge doesn't quite work out the way planned and evil ensues.

DG: How was the shoot? Did things go smoothly?

S: Working with Joe and John is always funny. We also had fx guru Rob Merickel with us as well. While somehow we always manage to get work done, it always seems a surprise considering how much laughing we do.

DG: How about Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires. Your co-star was Jeff Dylan Graham - how was that shoot?

S: This was the first time I had had an opportunity to work with Jeff and he was a lot of fun. He had just been down to LA and the people he was working with down there had dyed his hair bright orange. He hadn't had time to dye it back before the shoot so we had to find a way to work it in the script. Over the years, the core crew has build up a very special relationship that allows us to know exactly what Joe wants, when we need to just run the scene again because someone wasn't happy with it, venting the frustrations of blown lines all while having a lot of fun. Jeff was very professional, but was able to fit right in with the rest of us goofs as well. We've worked with a few professionals over the years and they just don't seem to understand the relationship which results in some confusion and frustration for them.

DG: While your scenes were shot in the director's house in Oregon, most of the movie was shot about 150 miles north in Winlock, Washington. You travelled up to assist behind the scenes, right?

S: Yes, my then fiance Scott plays Jean-Claude, the interior decorator/vampire hunter. I went up for the first Winlock shoot to visit with everyone and introduce Scott to most of the crew. My scenes were done and I wasn't able to find anything appropriatly disguising to fill in as an extra so I helped with lines, scene tracking, lights, boom, props and all the million other little things that need to be done. Scott had to travel up again later because the original actress for the head vampire decided not to show up and they couldn't get a hold of her. They ended up recasting the part with Felicia and a second trip had to be made to shoot the final sequence. I was ass-deep in rebuilding the house at that point and couldn't leave.

DG: What might your most memorable experience from the Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires shoots be?

S: Besides seeing Scott in that shirt, let alone the pajamas??? I think it would either be the house in Winlock, we didn't have to change or add anything, I don't think we could have created a more perfect set for this particular movie. Or it was watching Rob (littl' Jr) eat all those beans. I think we had to reshoot that scene about 5 times. I was amazed at Rob's capacity for beans... and later his capacity for gas.

DG: In Housebound you ended up covered in pudding, lotion and fake blood? Do you ever get used to the various make-ups you've endured for b-movie greatness?

S: I think endure is definitely the right word, I don't think you ever get used to it. Some have been worse then others. At least for Housebound I cleaned up pretty easy since I was already in the bathtub. Its when you're covered in stuff in the woods a mile from your car and 15 miles from a shower after standing around in the rain for 3 hours because the idiot directing the film forgot to bring extra batteries for the camera AGAIN and had to go back to town to get them that its gets really annoying.

DG: Hey everyone out there - just so you know, that wasn't ME! Shannon, anything else coming out soon?

S: I keep hearing rumors about Trailer Park Trilogy of Terror coming out, but I've been hearing that one for years now. We started on that one after filming Monster in the Garage in 1997. Since I live so far away now its been difficult to work with Joe. I am working on the occasional special order short for him. The current one is a spy genre which will be filmed by Eric Singer who co-star'd with me in Dreamwalkers.

DG: Thanks for the info and you can trying keeping up with this busy b-movie actress via her page at http://www.drsquid.net!

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