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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Mar 29, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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Monster Metal Movie Music: Seasons of the Wolf
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SEASONS OF THE WOLF describes itself as a "Progressive, Gothic, New Age Metal band from the Tampa Bay Area, Florida." They have a unique role in many low-budget video movies.

DG: How did you guys end up getting into doing music for microbudget movies?

Skully/SOTW: Back in like 1995 is where the connection began. Before the Internet came on strong I used to read through classifieds in every music magazine I could get my hands on in order to help promote the band. I found this fellow by the name of Torch Kerrang up in Fargo, North Dakota of all places. :-) He was a radio DJ and was helping promote hard rock bands such as SOTW. So, I called him up and ended up sending him a copy of our first album a year later. Since then he went on to make a website called RockNHardPlace.com, and also RockHardHorror. In early 2001 right about the time we were releasing our 3rd album Nocturnal Revelation - Torch mentioned that our music would be great in some of the B Horror Films he was reviewing for his website and so he started the RockHardHorror Hook-Up.

Torch sent me contacts for about 10 filmmakers. We followed up by sending out the packages and got back 8 reponces! The first film was by Kevin Lindenmuth titled Alien Conspiracy Time Enough. Then Kevin sent us to John Bowker, and I think you were working on one of his films at the time and John said you would be interested in using some of out tunes. Since then Kevin has sent us several more contacts such a Tri-Toad Productions, and Horror show host Butch R. Cleaver for Meet Cleaver Theatre. Basically it has branched out to 10 filmmakers, a Horror Show host, and 2 cable music video programs. Now with Butch R. Cleaver and his wife handing out hundreds of SOTW sample discs at conventions our music is spreading around a bit more I'd say. :-) The great thing is the cross promotion. Our fans get turned on to these films.

Whew! Well....you asked. hahahaha

DG: Your music is featured in the Sub Rosa releases The Seekers and Twisted Illusions 2 (the Betrayal segment). How do you feel the music worked with the images?

Skully/SOTW: Well I have seen the trailers for these 2 films but have not seen the full films yet. Have not been in contact with John for a while. He was in Hollywood for a while trying to pick up some useful contacts and get his feet wet there. I hope he is doing well. I know these micro-budget films are tough and its hard to get the nessasary attention to get up that ladder a couple more steps. :-) Our music is pretty versitile going from hardrock, heavy metal, to newage, and mid-eastern. All filmmakers seem to be able to grab up appropriate fitting music for particular film scenes. Sometimes spooky, and sometimes freaky.

DG: Most of the movies your music has been featured in are horror flicks. One exception was "UNDERBELLY," an erotic thriller. How do you think that music/movie combo turned out?

Skully/SOTW - Underbelly is one of our favorite films as it turns out. The story is funny, fun, weird, interesting, and has a nice little surprise ending. The main character is great. I especially enjoyed you playing the bad guy hit man ending up getting the girl and the car at the end. :-)

Our music was used in this film very well. As I mentioned before our music is pretty versitile. There is a lot of parts that could be used for Action Adventure or Horror. The Crime Thriller edge worked out really well. The chase scene, the sex scene with the Mid-easteren egde. It was absolutley cool. Anyone that watches that sex scene will get a major woody! :-)

DG: What are some of the other movies your music can be heard in?

Skully/SOTW: Alien Conspiracy Series "Time Enough" - "The Van" and "BloodStained Bride" both put out by Tri-Toad Productions in Beverley Hills - "Goregoyles" a double film by Kevin Lindenmuth and Alexander Michaud - "The Seekers" and Betrayal by John Bowker and Joe I believe you did all or most the camera work on those 2 films. And of course "Underbelly". There are a couple more in production status.

DG: Are all the band members horror fans? Any favorite movies?

Skully/SOTW: Hell yeah! That is what makes it so much fun for us to see SOTW tunes getting used in scenes. You never know about films. At some point they can reach cult status over many years of circulation.

John Carpenter, George Romero, Dario Argento, and several more Horror/Sci-Fi filmakers we have come to know and love all their unpredictable work.

I have recentley got into Ginger Snaps series. Basically we like anything that is weird and different from your typical everyday bullshit-network-TV programing, and all the overworked hollywood hoopla.

We undertand at some point with success people need a larger budget and to move up the ladder, but ...it is always nice to see a filmmaker not loose the edge at making some wierd scenes, camera angles, and creative funny dialog with creative, edgy, fresh actors. We really are big Felicia Pandolfi fans here! I want an autographed Felicia poster for our studio wall. Felicia was featured in our music video for StarStruck. We used a ton of clips of her from John Bowker's "EvilMaker"

DG: Do you have any plans to record more music specifically for movies?

Skully/SOTW: Yes we do. We would very much like to continue working with all the filmmakers that we have worked with so far and find a few more. Hope to do doing more custom scoring for main title themes such as the one we did for "Blood Stained Bride." I think that film music will play a big part of the SOTW future. Its just plain fun.

DG: Anything else you'd like to mention?

Skully/SOTW: Sure thing. To everyone out there that is a micro budget Independent film fan or filmmaker. Keep up the work. The future is ours. Get more professional underground bands involved with your films in trade for cross promotion and networking. You will pick up more fans and the bands will benefit from the relationship. It provides bands that extra little thing to look forward to. The Indie music biz is just as tough as the indie film biz. Reliable distribution, and proper marketing is hard to get. When we pool together it works very well for both parties.

Check out our website at www.sotwmetal.com

All our full-length CD's are available through www.amazon.com and www.cdbaby.com

Look for the 4th Seasons Of The Wolf release coming in mid 2005.

And thank you Joe for the way cool interview!

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