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Written by Written by Claude Blackwell   
Mar 28, 2005 at 02:00 AM
FELICIA PANDOLFI was born in Boston and lived on the east coast for much of her life. Living in the Pacific Northwest for several years, this mostly Italian (and a little Irish) actress appeared in a few theater productions and eventually attained a college degree in Digital Imaging. She hooked up with local microcinema guys Joe Sherlock and John Bowker back in the late 90's, having met Sherlock when he co-owned a comic book and game store with frequent b-movie make-up artist Rob Merickel. In Bowker's DREAMWALKERS, Pandolfi debuted as a "figment of beauty," one of a number of characters the male lead runs into as he falls from nightmare to nightmare in a "dream world." Subsequent roles included a tiny part in Sherlock's spoof LUST OF THE VAMPIRE HOOKERS, the well-meaning neighbor Ginger in CRIMSON HEATHER, a scene-stealing turn as "Rachel" in Bowker's THE EVILMAKER and it's sequel ABOMINATION: EVILMAKER 2, the villain in THE SEEKERS and featured role in segments for the ALIEN CONSPIRACY: BEYOND THE LOST WORLD and WEREWOLF TALES anthologies. Her latest role is that of Catherine, a sarcastic vampire hiding out among the dim-witted rednecks in a backwoods town in the Joe Sherlock-directed Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires.

DG: We'll start off with an obvious one: How did you get the role of Catherine in Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires?

I've known director Joe Sherlock for, well, ever I'd have to say. Funny though he had thought that I moved out of the state at first, but after he learned I had not he called me up and asked me to be in the movie. Turns out the person they had originally cast in the part had to drop out and they were without an antagonist.

DG: Joe said that the Russian accent came up at the last minute, just before driving to a location. What's the story?

It started out when we were talking to the make-up artist, Rob. Joe had said to do the make-up like the Russian Bond chick, and I made the comment, "What, you want her to have a Russian accent?" And he replied with a "You can do that?" Thus it was.

DG: Most of your previous roles have been villains played straight aside from a few wise cracks here and there. Catherine, while still a villain, is played intentionally for laughs. How did playing comedy compare to playing horror?

It was a lot of fun. We laughed so much on that set, it was fantastic. It's a surprisingly delicate balance to portray a character that's over the top enough to be silly, but slightly serious enough to be believable. At least as believable as a Russian vampire terrorizing a bunch of rednecks can be...

DG: You said in past interviews that you are not much at all like your famous Evilmaker role of "goth chick" Rachel in real life. Do you have much in common with Catherine?

Well, no not really.

DG: All of your scenes involved co-star Warren E.B.B., who played Catherine's assistant Lendel. How was he to work with?

A blast. He was really good natured, cause I must have smacked and hit him so many times...

DG: Joe Sherlock and Mike Hegg worked as a team to make this movie - did that present any challenges for you as an actress?

None whatsoever. They worked really well together and would often bounce ideas off each other, making small changes here and there.

DG: Any favorite stories from the set, good or bad?

I have this soft spot for animals, and the place where we were filming had this great fluffy white cat, whom was really friendly too. I swear there has to be an out take of me in the middle of some scene and then suddenly screeching "Kitty!" I think there's one of me when we were doing the scene where I hijack the car where I stop and say something like "Dude! There's a bunny over there!" And every one else on the set was thinking, "Yeah. It's the country Felicia. Fascinating."

  DG: Between Joe's and John Bowker's productions, you've managed to rack up a decent filmography, including THE SEEKERS. What types of projects would you hope to do in the future?

Action, I think. Something with some guns and leaping around or something. Maybe even some Kung-Fu action going on there.

DG: Favorite cereal still Lucky Charms?

Of course! It's magically delicious!

DG: Any parting words?

I'd actually like to thank Mike and Joe for making the whole event a fantastically fun time. Thanks guys.

DG: Thanks for your time, and for interested fans, order Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires from www.b-movie.com!

User Comments

Comment by Paloma on 2015-10-22 22:05:40
I thought that Irene's death was made to look like Tuberculosis but she was, in fact, pooesnid. There's no way it would have been that fast acting if she'd been dosed with it during that meeting. Moriarty must have bought out the waiter so when she (very smartly) asked for a new pot of tea, it was already pooesnid because Moriarty likes thinking three steps ahead, like Holmes. /microbiologistI, too, found the horse scene amazingly hilarious. In general, the one liners and quips and back and forth between Watson and Holmes is just amazing and entertaining. That final fight scene though, the posturing and mental sizing up the entire theatre burst out laughing when Moriarty responded' to Holmes' estimations. Don't forget the Boxing . Right Hee!

Comment by MaGuy on 2015-10-23 04:44:52
OK ... I read ALL the Sherlock Holmes stories while I was in colegle. One of the many things TG and I had in common when we started dating was a love for Sherlock Holmes! And Neil Diamond. We still love to share a SH movie or an ND song -- sometimes both in one night! *giggle* but I digress. I too was blissfully unaware that Sir Arthur left Sherlock tending bees. I thought he left him in his Queen Anne wingback smoking dope. Anyway, I do not like "sequels" or books that springboard off classics. I just want the classics. I remember several years ago when one of my girls read "Scarlett," the supposed "sequel" to Gone With The Wind. Puleeeeeeze!!!!! There can be no sequel to GWTW. It was Margaret Mitchell's only novel and she's gone. Gone with the wind as it were. That is all.

Comment by Ana on 2015-10-24 18:54:20
A book that is hard to finish when you're on the last page? No thnaks :)My husband is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and I got him this from the library...he didn't care for it at all, and did not want to read any of the other books in the series. http://okudwgra.com [url=http://eijgwppbayi.com]eijgwppbayi[/url] [link=http://wpfonc.com]wpfonc[/link]

Comment by Evill on 2015-10-26 06:55:55
Yay, a Holmes :-)I like the outer part of the eyebrow, the reudnod arc, but the inner part, and the low hairline, seem to be a *tad* too bushy and dark for Holmes. A bit too masculine, if you get what what I mean. Too athletic/healthy. There is a bit of a nerd in Holmes, and remember his starving and drug abuse. Uli from CA/fellow Holmes fan

Comment by Silvia on 2015-10-27 22:10:02
AWESOME!!!!! after i watched this trleair i take nearly 20 minutes to analyse every little scene .. woooooooowwwww this trleair was GREAT!!!how can i wait now so long to see this movie??!?!?!wow wow wow i love it.
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