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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Aug 15, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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Ryan Cavalline and His House of Carnage
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Ryan Cavalline has built a reputation for producing blood-soaked video horror chock full of axes, hot babes and gallons of blood! His 4th Floor Pictures company has turned out such gems as DEAD BODY MAN, SERIAL KILLER and DEMON SLAUGHTER. Ryan's motto is, "Don't talk about it, just do it. And do it cheap." We tracked this busy man down recently to ask him about his current production.

DG: Tell us about the latest gorefest you are working on, HOUSE OF CARNAGE!

Ryan: This flick is the sequel to last years DAY OF THE AX (which will be released on DVD in April of 2006. HOUSE OF CARNAGE picks up right where the first one lets off but, this time it's complete HELL!

DG: I understand you were keeping a pretty good production journal - how about a sneak preview?

Ryan: Let's start with the second day of shooting. We actually started production a few weeks previous to that. This was a big day of shooting with lots to do. For the most part, a nice piece of script was shot besides the issues we had through out the day.

DG: Issues? That sounds like a polite was of saying "problems!"

Ryan: Well, it started with the state police showing up and asking us what the hell was going on. Some lady was jogging past the house and heard the girls screaming and saw one of them tied up...to say the least she was upset by this. The cop was cool. He laughed about the whole thing.

DG: Glad that turned out OK!

Ryan: Next, some redneck showed up and gave us shit for being there. This dude claimed to own the land right next to the house we were shooting in so, he had issues with us... but, there was nothing he could do since we weren't really on his land and we had full permission to be on the land we were shooting on. That's a good reminder to all you film makers, get your releases before shooting. Then Eddie B. (J.R. Sorg) put his arm through a piece of glass, which, made a nice big hole in his arm. So, we rushed Eddie off to get some medical assistance. But, the fun doesn't stop there kids! Later that night a few of the actors went out to have a some drinks and the one girl lost her keys to her rent a car and was stuck here for most of the day (Sunday). Overall, the shooting went great but, the issues we had didn't help the day.

DG: I heard there was more to the story about the jogger...

Ryan: Its a long story but, this lady that was jogging past the location was so upset at what she seen she hasn't been able to go back to work and has been emotional stressed. Can you believe that one? People suck....

DG: That's crazy! What happened next?

Ryan: I talked to a lawyer and discovered the woman has no grounds to sue us. We were looking good and getting back to the production. I had a few other people make some phone calls to talk care of the issue and was feeling much better.

DG: Let's get down to it: skin and gore - tell us about shooting some of the juicier scenes!

Ryan: One day, shooting started late in the afternoon with Syn DeVil on set. We headed to a cabin deep in the state forest area. After an hour of prepping we got down to business and started shooting. The scene was about Syn's character looking for her missing sister. Well, she wanders into the woods and finds something she shouldn't have. Next thing you know J.R. Sorg (our main killer) is in her face and tying her to a tree. So, J.R. gets to work on her by ripping her fingers off and slicing the skin from her chest. It was a great scene. It had lots of blood and a very scary look to it.

DG: Certainly sounds like a 4th Floor Production!

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