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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Sep 08, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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DG Sept - Picked on, Put Down, Fed Up: Killers By Nature Slams Onto DVD
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Eric Spudic wrote & directed KILLERS BY NATURE, a tale of youth taking out violent revenge on those who taunted them. We asked Eric a few questions about the movie as well as what he's been up to lately.

DG: When did you start working on KILLERS BY NATURE? When did you write it? Shoot it?

Eric: I originally wrote it in 1998 under KILLERS BY DAY, KILLERS BY NIGHT. Was gonna film in '99 but it fell through. Then Eric Stanze read it in 2001 and liked it enough that he gave me the greenlight to start shooting in the summer of 2002. So after 7 years it's finally here!

DG: What was your inspiration for the movie? Other movies? Current events? Personal experience?

Eric: Mostly personal experience. I got beat up a lot in high school and wanted revenge. This was the legal way to do it, lol. It was inspired by SCREAM and I guess that's it. It's fairly original in some sort of way in that it doesn't rip off one particular movie.

DG: How long did the shooting take?

Eric: It was shot on weekends over 2 or 3 months. 13 hours of raw footage total I think.

DG: You were shooting in scenic Mt. Olive, Illinois, correct? All of the actors were local?

Eric: Yeah, a few were within a 10 mile radius and everybody else was from the St. Louis area about 50 miles away.

DG: People are obviously wondering, so I have to ask - having made a movie about kids who pick up guns and take revenge on students who taunted them, what do you say to critics who might say that this kind of movie encourages these Columbine-like actions?

Eric: It was actually written a whole year before Columbine. I had to change some of it because there were way too many coincidences. The original draft had the killers wearing trench coats. In the film that part was removed (it was summer!), but they still carry weapons and hunt down people on their death list. Hopefully this will get the movie some publicity.

DG: OK, enough of the serious stuff. What was the funniest thing that happened during the shoot? Any other great behind-the-scenes stories?

Eric: We interrupted a few takes with raunchy farts. Jason Contini was constantly mooning his co-star Nick Hearne and that was hilarious. Great stories...actor Rory Stumpf did his own stunts, including jumping from 15 feet up in a tree multiple times and bicycle stunts.

To get the cop car in the movie, we simply called the local police and asked to shoot some scenes with their car! Also during the course of shooting this movie I wrote the flicks BLOODY TEASE, AQUANOIDS, BUTCHERED, and CREEPIES.

DG: When you asked the cops to shoot with their car, did they ask what the movie was about or seem to care about the subject?

Eric: They were suspicious at first, saying they would "check it out". When the cop came by and saw we had two actors playing cops with guns and blood all over them, he got excited and said, "What do you need me to do?" I said, "Can you whip around that corner really fast with the lights on?" Piece of cake!

DG: Why should people pick up KILLERS BY NATURE as soon as possible?

Eric: It's brutal, grisly, violent, funny, and has a cool soundtrack. Plus, it's slickly edited and moves along at a fairly good pace. It's a great little movie to show other folks who want to make their own movies. I made the entire thing for a thousand bucks.

DG: You have been a prolific screenwriter in recent years and made a move to Hollywood - can you tell us about working for the famous Fred Olen Ray?

Eric: I don't work for Fred at the moment, but have an office right next to his working for another company. I used to answer the phones, deliver dlt's, digi-betas, 3/4", 1-inch masters, all that stuff to various companies. Celebrities called all the time. I even worked on some Fred movies like THE GLASS TRAP, THE GOOD, BAD, AND THE BEAUTIFUL, and BIKINI CHAINGANG. Great times indeed!

DG: What are you up to now? What can Eric Spudic fans look forward to in the near future?

Eric: Hoping to hop back into the director's chair for MASSACRE MANSION, a slasher flick. Just wrote a movie for Christopher Olen Ray, Fred's son. It's a change of pace, a thriller. Just acted in 3 movies last month - SLUDGE, DEAD MEN WALKING, and ALIEN HOLOCAUST.

DG: Talk about great titles! Tell us about them.

Eric: SLUDGE is the new Steve Taylor movie with Tiffany Shepis and Felissa Rose. This Steve kid is definitely somebody to watch for! His movie DETOUR ruled.

DEAD MEN WALKING is a new Asylum film written by none other than Mike Watt. I played a zombie at the beginning of the movie; comes out in October.

ALIEN HOLOCAUST is the new Jeff Leroy flick. Hot off the success of CREEPIES and ALIEN 3000, he is cranking out tons of sci-fi/horror flicks full of effects, gore, and explosions. I played a soldier and an alien. Very fun stuff indeed!

DG: Anything else Eric Spudic fans need to know?

Eric: CREEPIES just came out nationwide on dvd. It's everywhere. My best movie as a writer. And go to www.ericspudic.com!

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Comment by Mei on 2015-10-22 20:42:31
I saw the movie over the weekend in Atlanta. My freind Adam and I both thought it was okay, but I don't think it was my favorite by any stretch. It was definitely a change of pace as it didn't have nearly as much action as the previous movies. And it did feel like we were missing a good bit of the story simply because of the length of the book as compared to the movie. The book was 900 pages (granted those pages don't have as much text on them as they are geared toward youth, but the book still would have been maybe 400 pages in standard type and that is a bit much to fit into a 2 hour 20 minute movie.) There were some things that just didn't make sense to me as someone who has not read the books.In hindsight, not sure I would say it was the best way to spend $10.

Comment by Yined on 2015-10-23 04:43:41
it was a great movie and he had no problem untsiedandrng what was going on despite not having read the books. Gerald is seeing it tonight with David (my sweet sweet David). So, I'll have some more input from them soon.

Comment by Aravind on 2015-10-24 18:53:07
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