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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Oct 19, 2005 at 07:00 PM
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DG Oct 05 - Thor Conquers Again with Another Nightmare
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Who is Thor? In the case of the star of INTERCESSOR: ANOTHER ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE, the answer is Jon Mikl Thor, a self-described "enduring icon of glam rock/metal, and one of the true originators of rock theatre." He first made waves in the bodybuilding world, becoming Mr. Canada and Mr. USA, always using heavy music as an intensive training tool. He blended his powerful physique with powerful rock, and thus began a long reign in the hazy area between superstardom and the dark underground. Wow! Along the way, this multi-talented performer has put out music CDs and DVDs, comic books (with great titles like Thor vs. Beastwomen From the Center of the Earth!), and movies like Rock & Roll Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare and Graveyard, serving as actor and producer. We caught up with the mighty man himself recently and he graced us with the details on his latest artist conquest: INTERCESSOR: ANOTHER ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE.


Thor: In the first movie "Rock n Roll Nightmare" John Triton defeats the evil forces and then goes off into the night. Many fans have always asked me what happened to him? Where did he go? Well in the sequel INTERCESSOR: ANOTHER ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE it's twenty years later. During that twenty years there was tremendous energy expended into numerous and immense battles to save the world from doom and it drained The Intercessor's mind and power. Now, he wanders the earth as a mere mortal trying to find his identity and regain his strength. But to do so, he must be called upon by the last of the innocent. These two innocents are a young crippled boy, Harold, who believes in the comic book legend of the Intercessor and a young girl Laura. Together they are the last true innoncents on earth who can summon the soul of John Triton-The Intercessor- and bring him back into action.

DG: It's quite a fantastic plot, reminding me of stuff like Conan, Masters of the Universe, comic books and such. Did you have any specific influences for this?

Thor: I'm a big fan of those movies, as well as Si-Fi movies from the 1940's and 1950's. I based my idea of The Intercessor character on my heroes Steves Reeve's "Hercules Unchained", George Reeve's "Superman and the Mole Men" and the original Rocket Man Commander Cody. The Commander Cody character in "Radar Men From The Moon" had a very obscure and almost homemade looking metal mask, which is similar to what I wanted The Intercessor to wear. The 50's movie "Invader's From Mars" also had an influence, especially where the young boy see's that his parents are being overtaken by the Martians and has to deal with trying to save the world. These were fears I had as a kid. We tried to relect a certain campiness and horror with the cover of the DVD, which I think remained true to my vision of capturing a 1950's Si-Fi look, while looking contemporary.

DG: How did you hook up with co-directors Benn McGuire and Jacob Windatt?

Thor: I met Jacob Windatt while touring the East Coast for my album "Beastwomen From The Center Of The Earth". We played a concert in London and he introduced himself as a writer/director/producer who wanted to make movies. He really had a lot of potential and a "go get 'em" attitude. I was very impressed. Benn McGuire is also another great talent who was working on a movie "Hock Fu" about Hockey Zombies. Benn also shot some very good concert footage of our band THOR that a I liked.

I felt that by putting both them together, and having a crew on the East Coast and a crew on the West Coast we could be make a fun movie.

DG: How long did the project take to do? Was there a long period of preproduction (i.e. did it take a while to pull all of the pieces together for it) or did it come together quickly?

Thor: For the first movie -RNRN- we shot principal photography in 14 days and then went into post production, which is the way I like to do a movie. This sequel took much longer to shoot. Almost a year went by and it became arduous at times. One reason for this was financing: it was quite expensive even for a B-Movie. It had something like a $250,000 budget. At the time I had numerous other projects including a new album, which I was recording in Los Angeles and I had to invest cash into the movie in smaller increments until it was done. Then we had to go into post production which took a while as we kept changing the cut, and then even re-shot a few scenes. Benn and Jacob worked hard on the special effects utilizing our budget, which is small in comparison to a Hollywood film, but not small when it's out of our pockets.

DG: Where was the movie shot? How long did it take?

Thor: We shot the movie in Vancouver, BC and London, Ontario. As well, some of the pick up shots were done in Washington State and Hope, BC. The whole project took about a year to finish.

DG: Any funny stories from the set?

Thor: I rember some really horrific smells. Like the factory where we shot some of the Battle scenes with Mephisto, Laura, War, Zompyra and the others. The stench was overwhelming. The abandoned factory was at one time a chicken fat processing plant. Somehow we made it through the first day's filming. The next day in addition to the horrible odour there was a pile of human dung on the ground which made some of the actors puke. And then when filming the Zombie battle scene one of the Zombies accidently fell on top of it. Who was gonna move that pile of shit? We had to shoot in that area for continuity. Making movies makes a person endure strange tortures!

DG: Why do you think folks should pick up INTERCESSOR: ANOTHER ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE? What kind of folks are going to enjoy this flick?

Thor: On my recent North American tour for my new cd "Thor Against The World" (on Smog Veil Records) we promoted the INTERCESSOR: ANOTHER ROCK AND ROLL NIGHTMARE DVD. We wanted to show the movie to see the audience reaction, as well as perform a rock concert. We made it into an event. In Boston, the Coolidge Theater was packed with fans who were cheering, having fun and going wild. It reminded me how it was when I went to go see the old Batman serials as a child. In London at the Rainbow Theater it was a sold out crowd and they had the same reaction. I thought that this was amazing. This movie for all it's flaws evokes emotion, whether laughter,horror or outright yelling there is something there. I have been to theaters to watch BIG Hollywood Productions and have seen people come out of the venue with no emotion whatsoever. I feel Intercessor is entertaining and fun.

DG: What is up next for you movie/music/or otherwise?

Thor: I just got off the road from performing concerts all over North America. I'm looking forward to the upcoming release of Intercessor on SRS Cinema and the new Intercessor soundtrack on Smog Veil Records. I look forward to filming some new movies which are in pre-production. Also, my new Sportswear company is going to be coming out with a new line of Vancouver Millionares products.

John Fasano and I are already working on " All Hollowe's Eve" which will be RNRN III as well as pre-production for Zombie Nightmare II. I want to extend a special thanks to John Fasano for his creativity and expertise in an adventure that began years ago with the first RNRN!

I have a lot of projects to look forward to. The Sky's The Limit!

DG: Indeed! Keep up with Thor at http://www.thorcentral.com!

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