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Written by Written by Claude Blackwell   
Nov 20, 2005 at 07:00 PM
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DG Nov. 05 - TV Hostess with the Mostest - Alexandra Paris
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DG: You are an actress, model and TV host - how did you get interested in all of it? What came first?

Alexandra: Good question. It all started way back in high school during my sophomore year with my first stage play entitled The Perils of Lulu. I played four roles. Talk about multiple your multiple personalities. LOL!

I played a native and a Russian as well as Bronx housewife and spoiled pampered finace' of an NFL star. After that I kind of knew I wanted to be an actress. During my 20's I kind of goofed off here and there until I was introduced to the wonderful world of drag performance. So it was those fabulous drag queens who taught me how to walk, strut, dress and how do my make-up. That was how Alexandra was born. Now keep in mind, I am a real woman so drag became a form of theater for me and it still is to this day. Since then I have gone on to hold two titles here in the city of Portland, Oregon. Recently I was Ms. Pride 2004-2005 and then back in 1999 I was crowned Ms. Portland XI (11).

DG: Is that how you got into modelling?

Alexandra: The modeling didn't start until I was about 30 (gasp!). Yeah I know that's pretty old. I had a girlfriend of mine at the time who was modeling for a local photographer who was looking for models. So I thought 'what the hell' and so I gave it a shot. Since then I have shot with over 30 photographers and I love being front of the camera. I like the idea that I'm using my body to create art.

DG: And the TV hosting?

Alexandra: As for becoming a TV hostess, over the years, I watched a guy by the name of Jim Spagg. Some of you who live in Portland know him as 'that naked guy.' Well everytime I saw him come on late at night. I kept thinking to myself that I could do a whole lot better. Well in late 2000 I discovered I can do my own show on cable access. I found out when the orientation was and how much the classes were. Well it was November of that year and my other half was tired of hearing me bitch about it. So he gave me an ultimatum (and the money for the classes) and told me to either shit or get off the pot. Well in May of 2001, Galactic Groove was born.

DG: Your movie work started off with a few small and extra roles, correct? A waitress role in a local movie?

Alexandra: Yes, actually it did. It was December 2000. Shortly after I stepped down as Ms. Portland XI (11). I walked into the place where the auitions were being held in big green bouffant wig, clear 7 inch high heel shoes with fish stickers and a green outfit with goldfish that matched my wig. It was the most scariest drag I had ever done. Now my other male friends who also did drag decided to show up as boys. In a sea of gay men, I stuck out like a sore thumb so I guess you can say that worked to my advantage. I was offered the bit role of Tete in the now infamous gay indie film Murder In Portland.

DG: Infamous gay indie film - what a rep!

Alexandra: I didn't get to see the film until April of 2002. I didn't realize how bad this movie really was. So my other half was on hand with drinks as the movie progressed. It was that bad folks you have see it to believe it. My friend Robert Thomas who is also the entertainment director of The Embers (a local club) told me that when he saw me drinking, It reminded him of Elizabeth Taylor's reaction when she first saw Butterfield 8 where I think she played a hooker. He told me that she shouted at the screen and could not believe she was getting the Oscar for that piece of crap. LOL! Me I don't know. I drank so much that night that I'm trying to block that out. But my friends told me I was fabulous even though the film was shit. LOL! Murder in Portland was definately a learning experience for me. But after that, I was casted in better indie films.

DG: You've worked with Joe (Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires) Sherlock as the hostess for his upcoming TWISTED FATES anthology. How did that come about?!

Alexandra: Actually I had Joe Sherlock aka Dr. Squid on my show. It was the week of Norwescon (a sci-fi convention) and I also had Jesus (!) and Heather Alexander on the show. A friend of mine by the name Shannon (who has also been in few of Joe's films) and she told me he was a b-film director. So I checked out his site and invited him to come on. He was awesome. A few months later he contacted me about playing the role of the narrator in TWISTED FATES.

DG: How was the experience shooting for TWISTED FATES?

Alexandra: It was a lot fun - I got to beat the crap out of two nice little Mormon boys who weren't really Mormons. Just to let you all know, no real Mormons were harmed during the making of Twisted Fates. LOL! To be honest I had such a blast working with Joe and I really discovered that I love doing b-films. I grew up watching Elvira Mistress of the Dark and I remembered how much I loved watching shlocky b-horror movies. And now I was finally acting in them. So how cool is that?

This was also my first topless scene in any film. Now you're probably going to ask if I was nervous exposing myself to the camera. I can honestly say that no I wasn't. I am art model on the side, so I am used to being naked in front of people.

DG: You also play a role in Sherlock's DEADLY PREMONITIONS project. Tell us about that.

Alexandra: I play the role of Christine who is the main character's best friend who doesn't live very long. I wanted to go for the blonde victim so I broke out my long blonde wig which kind of makes me look like Loni Anderson from WKRP. Well they do say that blondes make the best murder victims. This was also another chance to work with Joe and it's always great working with him.

DG: Tell us about some of the other movie projects you've worked on?

Alexandra: Well let's see, just this year alone I have been in eight local movies as both a featured player and an extra alone. My first project this year was Shadows of Dread where I had the opportunity to work with Tom Schaffer, who also by the way, was my very first screen kiss.

We had shot two movies that weekend. The first day we shot Tom's film Shadows of Dread and then the very next day before I had to go back to Portland, we shot Deadly Premonitions. I almost had to crack up as Tom was off camera reading Carrie's lines and I was carrying on a phone conversation with her. Here I was as this character trying to calm my friend down who was actually Tom delievering the lines in a very comical manner. It was great working with both Joe and Tom that weekend and I hope to do it again.

After that I went to do other roles as well. I played a member of the zombie army in the Guerillia Production of Flesh Of My Flesh and then after that I would go on to do other parts in some local student films at the Art Institute of Portland as well as some over local feature films. My most recent bit part was a mental patient for a film called Evition Notice out at Dammasch Hospital over a month ago. So far this year I have done close to eight indie films and I'm still doing more. I like keeping busy.

DG: Are you a fan of b-movies? What are some of your favorites?

Alexandra: Am I a fan of b-movies you ask? Hell yes! I've always loved blood and guts ever since I was 13. My favorite genre is the bimbos who run through the woods in high heels as the killer walks at a very steady pace. The bimbo breaks a heel and with ease the killer catches up to her.

My favorite horror films are Village of the Damned, Children of the Corn, Carrie (I can identify with the main character so well especially since I was an outcast as a teen), and the Alien trilogy (Sigourney Weaver kicks some serious ass as Ripley). And all of the 70's Dracula horror films with Christoper Lee. I also love my sci-fi too. I'm a big fan of Star Trek (since I was knee high to grasshopper) and The Matrix films (I own the 10 disk set with the little bust Mr. Anderson).

DG: What might we look for in the near future from you?

Alexandra: Let's see. I enjoy writing and eventually I want to direct some of my own stuff. I am in the process of writing a horror anthology based on the seven deadly sins. I was also on vaction from my show for awhile but I will be back in January of 2006 on Portland Community Media Television. And I will also be back on the stage of The Embers Avenue at around that same time. I just recently got together with a local song writer we are going to get together and work on an album of original music which will be out sometime in late 2006 or early 2007. And I will be doing my first clothing endorsement for a local designer here in Portland as well. They are called Strainz Clothing and they have a pretty kick ass line, so check out their site http://www.strainzclothing.com.

If you want to check me out on the web, here is where you can find me: http://alexandraparis.cjb.net (This site will be back up after January 1st, 2006.) http://www.galacticgroove.cjb.net (This site will also be up after the first of the year.) If you want to listen to my latest Holiday single written and produced by Mary Jo Ashton, check it out here: http://www.purevolume.com/alexandraparis

DG: Any advice for aspiring actors out there?

Alexandra: I just want to say, if this is what you want to do, go for it. Either shit or get off the pot because life is way too short. And don't listen to anyone who might try to hold you back. If this is what you love and this is your passion, just do it. Who knows? It might be you with that Oscar one day. But the reality is you may be not making millions, but if you are happy doing what you love, then it's all good.

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