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DG Dec 05 - SCREAMING AGAIN! The Final Piece of Tim Ritter's Terror Trilogy Comes to DVD PDF Print E-mail
Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Dec 06, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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DG Dec 05 - SCREAMING AGAIN! The Final Piece of Tim Ritter's Terror Trilogy Comes to DVD
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The third movie in the TRUTH OR DARE trilogy is coming to DVD. The movie's Tim Ritter looked back with DARK GALLERY on this extreme flick.

DG: Can you give us a capsule plotline for TRUTH OR DARE 3: SCREAMING FOR SANITY?

TR: The Coppermasked Madman is back for more revenge, this time knocking off those who are profiting off his name. But who is behind the mask THIS time?!?! And WHY?

DG: Thinking back to what was going on in the country and world at the time you put the movie together: what were you inspired by or influenced by to create this story?

TR:A newspaper article inspired the whole direction of this movie, about serial killers being celebrities, people making money off of their paintings and such, and women marrying them even while they were incarcerated. So all those 'hot topics'---which still seem to be an issue today---played into things. The country was still reeling from the O.J. Simpson verdict and whether or not the law of the land does indeed work, so that worked its way into things. And as always, I was inspired by slasher movies like PSYCHO II... and SCREAM, of course, that was the big rage in '96...

DG: What was the hardest part of making the third Truth or Dare movie? Were you really jazzed to bring the copper-masked madman back or was it difficult to come up with a fresh approach?

TR:Joel Wynkoop and I were excited to bring the Coppermasked Madman back. We had discussed so many storylines by the time we shot SCREAMING FOR SANITY over the course of a year...I had done so many drafts of the screenplay...it was time to just shoot the thing! We brought in Ron Bonk and Kevin Lindenmuth to put some new spins on the script and characters, so that helped keep it fresh. The hardest part of making the movie was getting the actors together and keeping them interested! This movie was made at a time when all our 'key players' in the Twisted Illusions group were slowly moving on to other things. So it was rough scheduling things around everyone, I remember getting really sick (pnemonia) during one 30 hour bout of shooting...and a lot of scenes had to be changed or downsized, which was kind of disappointing...In the end, it was still a lot of fun to do.

DG: Joel Wynkoop once again brings a real presence to his character. Say what you will about how he sometimes goes over the top: you can't ignore him! Is he difficult to direct? One might assume he'd get out of control!

TR:Joel does tend to get over the top fast, but I think SCREAMING FOR SANITY has some of his best 'normal guy' acting in it. I worked with Joel to keep his performance very real and subdued, I remember telling him over and over 'no, just say the lines normal, like I'm talking now...stay mellow, you're a lowkey, distraught character this time around.' So it worked pretty well and Joel did a great job. He did get to go over the top when he was the stand-in for the killer...so that helped him vent! And Joel had a blast with all the fight scenes in the end, they came out very cool.

DG: What extras can fans look forward to on this DVD release of TRUTH OR DARE 3: SCREAMING FOR SANITY?

TR: I think there's a photo gallery retrospective of a lot of what was going on behind-the-scenes, some deleted scenes, and also the theatrical premiere is extensively covered...and more! So there's a little bit of the history of the moments on the disc, short but sweet. Oh, and the original trailer is on the disc too...

DG: You've moved on to different subject matter in recent projects - do you ever see a return to the copper masked killer, or are three movies enough?

TR: I'd say 'the trilogy is complete.' But I'd never say 'never' to one more roll in the hay with the Coppermasked Madman. You never know what the future will bring. But I'm very happy all three TRUTH OR DARE movies are now out on disc.

DG: What can fans look forward to coming up from you in the near future.

TR:I'm not sure...as far as the Coppermasked Madman, there is the new cut from Germany (WICKED GAMES SNUFF) and they're talking about eventually doing the same sort of thing for SCREAMING FOR SANITY, so those may eventually make it to disc. We're also talking about a TRUTH OR DARE box set in the future and other than that, right now I'm just taking it easy, trying to figure out what to do next! But I'm sure something will materialize in the future...

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