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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Dec 06, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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DG Dec 05 - Darren Ward's SUDDEN FURY set for return
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Darren Ward's SUDDEN FURY astonished direct-to-video fans several years back due to it's ultraviolence and relentless pace as well as the appearance of David Warbeck, best known for his roles in many Italian films. Darren took time to speak with DARK GALLERY about the upcoming DVD rerelease of SUDDEN FURY.

DG: You wrote, produced and directed SUDDEN FURY, a tale of hitmen, revenge and violence. Can you tell us about the story in a nutshell?

DW: An up and coming drug baron (Randall) seizes the opportunity to rid himself of his rival (Harris). A hitman is hired (Walker) to do the deed, but in the process the hit goes wrong and 'Randall' tries to take out 'Walker'. Big Mistake! 'Walker', double crossed and betrayed goes on a rampage of revenge, burning, chopping, shooting anyone in his way!

DG: What was your inspiration for the project? Were you influenced by other films? Books? News?

DW: I had just finished a short movie 'Bitter Vengeance' (Which revolved around rival drug gangs). This particular film was made for the BAVA (British Amateur Video Awards) awards that used to happen in London each year. The film narrowly missed out on an award due to the extreme violence.

This left me a little pissed off, so I decided to turn the short film 'Bitter Vengeance' (17mins) into a full scale bloodbath feature. I spent a year writing the script for what would eventually turn into 'Sudden Fury'. The characters of 'Walker', 'Randall' and 'Jimmy' are from 'Bitter Vengeance' even played by the same actors.

My influences range from 'Peckinpah' to 'John Woo' to the Italian giallo master 'Dario Argento'. I set out to make the most violent film I could with the small budget that we had (£15,500). The film took 2 years to make and took a further 5 years to eventually get a BBFC certificate!

DG: How did you come to cast David Warbeck in the movie?

DW: Well, that was an extremely lucky incident that happened in 1996. I was at an all night horror festival in London, when in the bar area I recognized 'David Warbeck' signing autographs etc. I basically queued up and introduced myself saying that I was making a low budget action film and would 'David' be interested in playing the part of 'Pike'. He was very interested from the get go and we arranged to meet a couple of weeks after the festival to discuss the part etc.

Well, at that stage there never was a character of 'Pike', I literally wrote the part before going back up to London to show David the script. I had seen him at the festival and had decided he had to be in the film. I later told David this little story and he thought it most amusing.

I had been a big fan of his Italian movies and wasn't about to miss out on the opportunity to try and get him involved. He was brilliant on the set always the gentleman. He never really understood why his films had the cult following they did. It was a real blow to me and the fans across the world when he died. In the Eighteen months I got to know him before his death, I will always have great memories of. If only I could tell you some of the stories!!

DG: I see you have a sequel, BEYOND FURY, in the planning stages. Do you have any idea of when that might go into production?

DW: The Script for 'Beyond Fury' was finished late 2003. It follows on from where the first film finishes. 'Walker', is rushed into intensive care, where he is spotted by one of 'Randall' cronies. A hit is arranged on 'Walker' at the hospital and well all hell breaks loose. The film deals with a whole sub plot that London gangsters had invested in Randall's drug den, which is now swarming with Police after the events of the first movie.

Seriously out of pocket the London gang run by a ruthless bastard 'Curtis Boswell' is out for revenge. 'Walker' must use all his skills tostay one step ahead of the gang.

The script is one hell of a bloody ride, surpassing everything in 'Sudden Fury', but until finance is available it will stay on the self gathering dust! There comes a point when making Independent movies, that real money is needed. You can't forever make movies for free or with so little money that nobody ever gets paid. You use all your favours up pretty quick!

'Beyond Fury' could see the light of day if we had a spare £35K! Anybody out there wishing to finance the feature please get in contact via my website: www.giallofilms.com.

DG: Tell us about your serial killer short, NIGHTMARES.

DW: 'Nightmares' was made specifically for festivals around the world. I personally wanted to shoot on film and make something that could possibly open some more doors for me. I had recently been in contact with an old school friend I hadn't seen for almost 15 Years. It turned out that Jonathan Holmes had just finished a film degree and was looking for a project to do.

I had written 'Nightmares' in early 2000 and said why don't we do this. So armed with £3,500 I gathered up my usual crew and we shot for 3 days on super16. The film has had a string of successful showings in the US and UK and even won an award at the 2004 Cinema Edge Awards. The short is also due to be shown on UK TV early 06.

DG: You have plans to make NIGHTMARES into a feature? How do you plan on going about that?

DW: Well the first draft of the script is complete and it follows our Serial Killer through his sick and twisted existence in a lot more detail than we could show in 11 minutes for the short. We get to see the whole event of his childhood through flashbacks. We get to know his complete background and more importantly we get to see the full horrors of his twisted soul.

I have set out to write a 'Henry' for the 21st Century. A no holds barred look into the ever disturbing mind of a psychopath. As with 'Beyond Fury' we need to raise the money to get the movie made.

DG: Tell us about Three Tickets to Hell. Was that a feature? What was it about?

DW: 'Three Tickets' is an interesting little story! I had made a few shorts before filming 'Sudden Fury'. Shot directly on a Panasonic M7 (VHS) I made three short films. 'Paura il Diavolo' a 45 minute horror in the vein of 'Lamberto Bava's 'Demons'. 'Blue Fear', 70 min giallo, an attempt to pay tribute to all the Dario Argento giallo's I was obsessed with (and still am). 'Bitter Vengeance' 17min action movie of which 'Sudden Fury' is the remake!

When I was midway through shooting 'Sudden Fury' I ran out of money and around the same time I did an interview for a German horror magazine 'DOOM'. Follow on from that interview I was contacted by a video company in Berlin 'Incredibly Strange Video' (no longer exists). They had read the interview and where very interested in funding the rest of 'Sudden Fury'. 'David Warbeck' still had a large fan base in Germany and they were very keen to help me get the movie finished.

We obviously got round to talking about previous stuff I had done and they wanted to buy my shorts and package the three films as 'Darren Ward's Three Tickets to Hell', so that is how they came to be released. Germany is the only place to have released the short films.

DG: What might fans look forward to in the near future from Darren Ward?

DW: Well, depending on getting the cash together, I have several scripts ready to go. 'Nightmares', 'Beyond Fury' and a horror/action film 'Insurrection'. A UK company is very interested in 'Insurrection' on the back of the zombie revival and at present are trying to secure £1M to get the film made. So we will just have to see what happens!

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