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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Jan 09, 2006 at 02:00 AM
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DG Jan 06 - Ghosts & Vampires: Another Day in the Life of Actress Deana
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DG: Tell us about one of the two projects you completed this year, REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE. How did this project originate - how did you get involved?

Deana: I had worked on a film called "The Ghost of Angela Webb" that was based on a true story. One of the producers of "Requiem" John Orrichio who knew where the actual house was started work on "Requiem" and was quite interested in using me as an actress in his film. He approached me at a video store that we were signing autographs at and well, the rest is history.

DG: You play the main vampire's sister, Lenore, right? What is the movie about?

Deana: Yes, I play Lenore, Michael's incestuous sister. The movie is about what happens with modern diseases to vampires. One of our vampires contracts AIDS and becomes sick. The story is about how we handle this.

DG: Any interesting stories from the set of this one?

Deana: We had a blast - a great cast. Actually, the scene where I am "feeding" Henri (David Powers) might come across as quite interesting.

DG: How long did the project take to shoot?

Deana: It took about 8 months.

DG: While REQUIEM is set in modern day New Jersey, your character in THE LARKSVILLE GHOST finds herlself back in 1945. Tell us about your part in this trilogy.

Deana: I play Bridget. She is an unusual girl who gets caught up in sort of time slip during a visit to a hall. I'm blonde which any of my fans who know me know is unusual for me but the producer Karl Petry was trying to get a different look.

DG: Some have likened THE LARKSVILLE GHOST to the Twilight Zone. Would you agree?

Deana: I think that is what the producer, Karl Petry, was trying to accomplish. A trilogy so that every viewer may have gotten something different out of the movie itself. If you look closely, you'll see me in the pizzeria during " A message to Harris" and also in the library.

DG: What was the best experience about shooting THE LARKSVILLE GHOST?

Deana: Again, the cast and crew. Maybe mastering the use of a wig for future movies. (Hahahahaha!)

DG: It appears you are involved in the upcoming production, THE HAUNTING OF DANBURY HOUSE. What can you tell us about that - what's the movie about? Who do you play?

Deana: I am afraid that there isn't much I can say about the "Haunting of Danbury House". I hadn't seen the script yet and now due to scheduling conflicts I may not be involved in the movie.

DG: Anything else you have in the works or coming out soon?

Deana: Not to push my own talents but I sculpt and I will be working on a toy line with the very famous Daniel Horne soon. No new movies right now.

Deana: How can fans or interested filmmakers get in touch with you?

DG: Right now I am in the process of a few changes so I would say my web site at www.deanasite.com would be the easiest. They can also e-mail me from there as well as order things, see pictures, get updates and even look at some one of a kind sculptures that I do.

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