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Feb 06, 2006 at 02:00 AM
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DG Feb 06 - Pamela Sutch Transforms and Transforms
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DG: With two movies CATALYST and TRANSFORMED, your tagline is along the lines of "What happens when this man turns into this woman!?" What made you pick a male-to-female transformation as your theme?

Pamela: The Catalyst was actually a custom movie I was hired to make. It ended up being my best seller so it gave me the idea to write a feature length and give it the best possible production that I could.

DG: Tell us about some of the special effects fans can see in these two flicks.

Pamela: The main special effect would be the morph from one human to another. Similar to what you would see in the old Michael Jackson video black & white. Other effects are added in to compliment these. You'll just have to see the movie. There is also a considerable amount of Martial Arts in Transformed along with of course sexy women, damsels in distress and some nudity. (not me this time, gave it up, I'm the producer now. But my tits are still standing up nicely from holding the camera for long periods of time, Thank God.)

DG: You have what appear to be the first two of three planned movies written by John Bradley. One is "Project Gamma Ray" (love that title!), which is described as something fans of the original Twilight Zone would love. Can you tell us what the movie is about?

Pamela: Project Gamma Ray is about about a group of people who end up being Transported to the other side of the earth do to an experiment gone wrong. This movie also has cool B-budget special effects along with a villain, scantily clad wardrobe, with very voluptuous women. The John Bradley movies all have a strong conservative woman theme who end up in situations out of their element. If you like women with the librarian look who end up loosing the hair, glasses etc. this movie would be for you.

DG: I see that the voluptuous Zoe Hunter and Rebecca Anderson star in the movie. Do you appear on screen or are you only working behind-the-scenes on this one?

Pamela: I do not appear in Project Gamma Ray. Just did all the behind the scene work.

DG: The second of the three movies is "Operation Storm Cloud" and you certainly appear in this one...in your underwear! I'm sure your fans will be most appreciative. Tell us about this movie and your role in it.

Pamela: I have a considerable amount of screen time in this one along with a martial art fight scene where my opponent is "defeated by a woman". I play the villain type character in this movie. She produces artificial thunder and lightning and has a group of people running thru the woods trying to escape it. It worked out that it happened to be raining the entire day I shot a lot of the scenes. This helped a lot with the production. Leigh Jacobs stars in this movie as well as Transformed. She has a very natural wholesome girl next door look.

DG: It looks like there are a lot of cool effects in these movies - lightning and such - how are you achieving these?

Pamela: By spending an endless amount of hours on the computer. Thank God I like it. Filters, paint, camera tricks. I'm very happy with the outcome of all my movies and they keep getting better. It's just amazing what can be done these days on a tight budget.

DG: What was the toughest part of shooting these two movies?

Pamela: Stress of having too many things running thru my mind at once to accomplish all of the work. You wouldn't want to be in my mind.

DG: Can you let us in on what the third movie will be?

Pamela: The third John Bradley movie is "Crooked Politics" It is completely shot and is now being edited. Believe it or not....It stars "Dawn Murphy" So any old fans of hers should get this movie. You will not be disappointed. She looks sexy. There will also be a fourth J.B. movie and ya never know, maybe a fifth and sixth, who knows when they'll stop?? Crooked Politics also stars Len Kabasinski, owner and director of Killerwolffilms.com which produced Swamp Zombies (that I also star in) and was picked up by Brain Damage for distribution.

DG: What else do you have going on at the moment that fans can look forward to?

Pamela: I am EXTREMELY excited to release "Transformed" in about a week (2/06). This movie has the largest production value and cast of all the Siren Tales movies to date and I believe it will be a stepping stone to where I go next.

DG: Thanks for keeping us up to date on your cool flicks!

Pamela: Be sure to visit http://www.sirentales.com!

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