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Feb 11, 2006 at 02:00 AM
DG Feb 06 - A plane crash into a resort lake unleashes a failed American/Russian experiment into it's murky waters. Soon, hordes of spawning Piranha multiply and overtake the waters. Guests begin disappearing at an alarming rate as the shores run red with blood." So goes the description of RAZORTEETH, the latest effort from the prolific Polonia Brothers.

John Oak Dalton, who worked with the pair on AMONG US, did a rewrite over John Polonia's script and despite many production troubles, the finished killer fish epic is now available on DVD. Mark Polonia recently talked a bit about making RAZORTEETH!

DG: The production on this one was a bit tough wasn't it?

Mark:The picture was shot over a year as we had to start on it early because of weather, meeting dealines, the usual. The weather was awful the entire time we shot. One of our actresses went AWOL on us and we had not one, but 2 camera problems setting us back 3 weeks.

Once we re-grouped and did a re-write, we were able to make it work within the issues we had to shoot under. All in all it turned out well. Not exactly what we wanted, some for the better, some not. Dalton's original script was excellent, we had to castrate it considerably.

DG: Tell us about shooting underwater - not a common thing in microcinema features!

Mark: When shooting the underwater footage we used a special housing that allowed us to shoot about 3-4 feet beneath the surface. A few of the shots were "tricked" in my family pool. When we bought it I had them install a portal on one side, knowing full well what advantages it would have, but claiming outwardly to my wife it was for the kids to have fun watching themselves underwater! You do what you have to do!

DG: The fish! We want to hear about the fish!

Mark: Working under-water with the fish was difficult. Working in or near water is also a trying experience. There is an un-written law when it comes to film-making. Don't work with animals, children, or in the water. We did all 3 on this one. The fish, after a few days in the water, began to stink and deteriorate.

DG: They were real!?

Mark: They were real stuffed pirahna from the jungles of who knows where. It was, for some reason, the toughest shoot we had. You wouldn't know it by watching the film, it just seemed all was against us. Fortunately, the great acting by ALL involved made it a pleasure. We did have a real boost later in production as we were able to coordinate a real wrecked sub-dive for the films opening. It's not stock footage. The whole thing plays like one of those made for Sci-Fi tv movies, but hopefully better.

You'll have to check out RAZORTEETH for yourself and see!

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