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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Mar 16, 2006 at 02:00 AM
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DG March 06 - Athena Demos
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Athena Demos has made a name for herself by getting naked and getting killed in cameos in a number of low-to-no-budget horror efforts. Whilekeeping one foot in this world, she's also acted in the lesbian-themed INESCAPABLE, the crazy action adventure CHECKING THE GATE plus bits parts on TV and infomercials. Athena slowed down from her hectic life long enough to chat with DARK GALLERY.

DG: I believe I heard Ken Hall say that THE HALFWAY HOUSE is airing on Showtime this month! You've said that project was a great experience - what made it so?

Athena: Halfway House was great. The entire cast and crew were a dream to work with. Very professional and friendly at the same time. This was truly a family affair. We are felt like a tight family of friends by the end.

DG: I just became aware of BABERELLAS from the director posting on Fred Olen Ray's discussion boards. You played a part in that as well?

Athena: I did a cameo for Chuck Cirino as a robot called "Sucky Sally." It was tons of fun. Atom Smith who did the soundtrack for Halfway House also did the sountrack to Baberellas. He's also my fiancee.

DG: Well, how 'bout that?DG: Am I correct that you recently got married?

Athena: No. I was supposed to get married on January 14, 2006 but my father had a terrible accident and broke his back. He went into surgery about 3 weeks before the wedding and the doctors said that he would not be able to travel from TX to CA so soon.

DG: Oh no, that's terrible!

Athena: So after some really intense crying and screaming (for real), we decided to postpone my big wedding till next year so my father could be there. He is recovering and learning how to walk again. He gets about 30 minutes of walking around a day. It will be a long recovery process but hopefully he will make it next January. Actually, I have every faith in my father that he WILL be able to make it next January and walk me down the isle. He is a very strong person who never let anything stand in his way or what he really wants. Both of my parents are strong like that. I am very lucky to have them as role models. A bride has to have her daddy and I'm willing to wait for mine. However, Atom and I decided to take our honeymoon anyway.

DG: Ha!

Athena: We already had the tickets so we spent 21 days in Thailand. That itself is a whole other article. I could go one for hours about how wonderful our trip was.

DG: Well, getting back to movies, I heard you give birth to a giant spider in CREEPIES 2 - not just any girl can say that! Dare you tell us about how that went?

Athena: Lots of screaming, pain, blood, screaming, blood, prat fall, screaming, blood, blood, blood, and a bit black hairy special efx spider. Again that was a one day cameo. Quick and fun.

DG: I bet! So tell me about OUT OF THE DARKNESS - you wrote it partly as an homage to some of your favorite horror films? What was the plot?

Athena: The original plot was simple. Five young college students who dont have enough money to go on spring break decide to do one themselves by sneaking into a defunct resort for a weak. Its not haunted or anything like that. They just think it is because it is so creepy. There are a few homeless guys living there as well that they dont know about. One by one terrible accidents befall them as they die, but the others think a killer is on the loose. By the end they all die horrible deaths and only the homeless guy remains; bewildered by their stupidity.

DG: I understand the director made a lot of changes when shooting and the movie didn't turn out too well.

Athena: I would love to find a producer who would be willing to take this project on and reshoot it the way it was orginally supposed to be. I orginally shot it with a ex-boyfriend who kept changing aspects of the script till not much of the story remained. I have rewritted in to its original version again.

DG: Was it ever finished or available anywhere?

Athena: I dont think it ever got finished and as far as I can find its not available anywhere. I cant find it on the web at all.

DG: You've stated in a number of interviews that you are happier without clothes than with - where do you think you got that attitude? Growing up? Something later in life?

Athena: Being happier without clothes on is something deeper then just my life. We are primates, homo sapiens, aninmals. Social stigma is why we were clothes. That is a behavior that is learned when growing up. What clothes you where is often dictated by society and the people around you or the commercial you watch. Depending on what country you are from you might where more or less clothing. Depending on your religion you might where more or less clothing. But in our core, our basic foundation, without society, religion, or community expectations, we are nude. And you have to be VERY confident in who you are, just you, to not cover it up. I am just being true to my free animalistic self.

DG: Indeed! You do everything from stiltwalking to modeling to acting and writing. Do you have a favorite activity?

Athena: I love staying busy. I also do house remodeling, gardening, painting, and promoting Zipfizz on top of my acting, art modeling, writing, and stiltwalking.

DG: Nice plug. You know, I'll be staying right next to the town whre they make that stuff in a few weeks - I'll have to try some! Do a lot of people recognize you from infomercials? I know I saw you on one for a folding handtruck thing as well as one for some sort of hair straightening device!

Athena: Sometimes. Most of the time I get calls from my friends and family wanted to know if they should really buy that product or what I just doing what the director wanted. I can truly sell anyone just about anything.

DG: What have you got coming up - what can your fans look forward to in the near future?

Athena: Starting in fall of '07 I hope to start my masters degree in film production at USC film school. Its a big move. I'd like to do horror films of my own. All the sets I have worked on so far have been run my men and I know they are capable, but I think it is time for horror to be take over by someone who really knows how to scare the shit out of someone, a woman. Women are known for their cold calculating nature. We can be both warm and loving while still maintaining that bit of mystery.

DG: And of course get covered in fake blood! Where can fans keep up with you?

Athena: I just finished my death reel which contains 9 death scenes. If anyone is interested in a copy please contact me through my website at http://www.AthenaDemos.tv. I also have several pieces of original nude and portrait art done of me by various artists for sale on my site. Its an affordable way to own original art while having a piece of me.

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