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Apr 26, 2006 at 02:00 AM
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DG APr 06 - Isabelle Stephen - She's a Sexy She-Devil, eh?
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Isabelle Stephen is a Canadian babe who models, acts, writes, publishes and has a damn fine time at it all. DARK GALLERY caught up with this veteran of Troma and Factory 3000 schlock, to see what she's been up to recently.

DG: I think maybe your widest-distributed project has been TimeWarp Films' VAMPIRE SISTERS. You travelled all the way down to Baltimore from Canada to do that one right? How long a trip is that?

IS: I think "Vampire Sisters" and "Tales from the Crapper" are my two widest-distributed films to date. Yes, to shoot my scene in Vampire Sisters I had to go to Baltimore, it was a 10 to 12 hours trip.

DG: How was the shoot? Was it just one night?

IS: The shoot was one day. It went pretty well. It was very funny actually, because I had a nude scene, but I'm totally comfortable with nudity. It's not that I LIKE doing it, it's just that I don't MIND doing it, and I feel comfortable. So the funny thing¬Ýis that I was the only one comfortable with nudity! When we were shooting nude scenes nobody was watching besides the cameraman! They are very nice people.

DG: You've done some stuff for Troma like TALES FROM THE CRAPPER - anything else for them?

IS: Lloyd wanted me to have a part in Poultrygheist but I couldn't make it to Buffalo during the month of the shoot. I'm planning on doing a photoshoot for Troma. Something like "the Tromatic world of Necrophilia" (Necrophillia being my Tromette name...) ;)

DG: SHE DEMONS OF THE BLACK SON is a great b-movie title - who do you play in that? Tell us about the shoot.

IS: In She Demons I play Isabelle, a foreign student who got friendly with the wrong people...¬ÝShe¬Ýtought she find a good friend in Dan, but he was only waiting for the right time to drug her and rape her with three of his friends... When she realised what had happened she calls Satan (played by Melantha Blackthorn), who decides to help her to get revenge by sending 4 seductive demons... The movie is sexy, gorry, and funny! It was shot in Montreal, we're shooting since last summer (summer 2005). Every day of shooting were great! I'm so happy I decided to work with SVBell again! I did a poor performance on the short film Cold Blonded Murder shot in 2003, so I've been a while without¬Ýworking with SVBell. I was scared! So I've worked hard on different projects and I went back working with SVBell when I felt ready.

DG: I've just had a chance to check out DIARY OF NIGHTMARES by Luc Bernier. Your segment was very well done - you really gave off a "creeped out" vibe. How was that shoot?

IS: The shoot of "Diary" was very fun! I love working with Luc Bernier! He's amazing! we shot the movie in one night. It went very well. The only problem we had was during the final editing. I couldn't find the mini DV tape where I copied the movie, so we had to use a VCD copy of the film.

DG: You've done a few things where you've shot footage yourself (MERMAID TALES comes to mind). How do you like that compared to working with a crew?

IS: I like working with a crew better then working by myself. It's more motivating when there's people involved. But once in a while it's ok to film things by myself.

DG: I know you and I initially came into contact because we were both publishing zines. Are you still putting anything out - any future publishing plans?

IS: Well, I still have hopes about that Scream Queen pin up book I've start working on 5 years ago with amazing artist Donald Caron... But I don't have much time to put on this project right now... And about zines it's the same thing I have some ideas but I don't have enough time to really work on it...

DG: What have you got currently in the works? Anything we can look forward to seeing soon?

IS: I'm currently working on the film "Seduction of Evil" in which I play a vampire. There's also "Sandman" and "The Order of One", these two films will be out very soon! I'm also working on a documentary about performer-actor-model, Olivier de Maisonneuve. I also have a lot of photoshoots planned. A new website coming up, and I'm working on some live shows... I've also been asked to be in some films, but since nothing is 100% sure yet I prefer not saying anything about it...

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