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Written by Kathy Casey   
Apr 03, 2004 at 02:00 AM
ADDICTED TO MURDER is a thriller depicting what happens when a serial killer encounters someTHING far worse than himself, someTHING that may be responsible for what he is. Joel Winter has all the prerequisites for a serial killer; he comes from a lower white middle class family, was sexually abused as a child, and has a slight overreaction to the opposite sex -- he is unable to relate to women, so he slaughters them! What makes him different is his special childhood friend, a woman named Rachel... A VAMPIRE named Rachel.
From the forests of Michigan to the streets of New York City and Chicago, Joel futiley tries to recapture this strange relationship. He travels across the country, picking up and disposing of hitchers who fail to meet his expectations. Later, he marries and tries to put the carnage behind him. But his wife, due to her particularly odd sexual tastes, wants him to use that butcher knife he keeps under his pillow!
When he meets the mysterious Angie at a suspiciously named bar called "The Hungry," he finds someone like Rachel... for Angie isn't human either. She wants to possess Joel because he's a hunter, a predator, a creature of the night like her, or so she tries to convince him. But as his health starts to fail and the killings start again, he begins to question his life -- and his death -- and what, exactly, the evil Angie is up to. Two vampires in one lifetime is not a coincidence! There's also an odd side effect to his transformation into the undead: it's making him more human - and the more he's drawn into the vampiric vortex, the more aware he becomes of his own horror.
Once a loner, careful to hide his tracks, he now befriends a lonely next door neighbor, with whom he spends many a night talking with and watching horror movies. When the jealous Angie finds out, she kills her and uses her corpse to frame Joel, who now has no choice but to die -- and be reborn. Now a vampiric serial killer, who no longer has a taste for killing humans, Joel uses his natural talents to destroy the creatures who made him.
At first Angie gets away, but when Joel finally tracks down Rachel in Chicago, he finds out the truth -- that Rachel carelessly gave him to Angie so she could feed off his rage and confusion, just as she had fed off him years before. He had mistook being used for friendship. In a rage, he attacks her, and Rachel reveals her true form - a horrible, bat-like creature with gray, shrivelled flesh and a gaping tooth-filled maw! The thing which Joel has also been transformed into...
In style, ADDICTED TO MURDER is a more subtle version of NATURAL BORN KILLERS, a cross between HENRY, PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and DRACULA!
Director Kevin J. Lindemuth is best know so far for directing the low-budget, ambitious hit VAMPIRES AND OTHER STEREOTYPES. It told the tale of a group of kids who accidentally open the gates of hell, which is guarded by a pair of friendly vampires. It was surprisingly large scale -- filled with monsters, a giant-rat, and a ton of gore effects.. He also co-produced and co-wrote the anthology TWISTED TALES.
Unlike many other movie-makers looking to break into the biz, Kevin doesn't just use horror as a theme for it's low-budget marketability. He has a true love of the genre, and his infatuation with it began when he was just a small youth. "In part, it has to do with my father and uncle taking me to really violent horror movies, like BLOOD FEAST, and THE UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS, before I was even in kindergarten!"
When he set out to create VAMPIRES AND OTHER STEROTYPES, he was looking to make a movie that brought back memories of THE EVIL DEAD II. "When I was writing it, I tried to inject my dark-comic sensibilities into the script. It seemed to work. Audiences laughed in the right places. Even though the movie is a black comedy, it is still a horror film. It's filled with monsters and demons."
With his latest feature, ADDICTED, Kevin actually scaled back from the large scope of VAMPIRES AND OTHER STEROTYPES. This time, he centered in on one character, and concentated more on the dramatic aspects the script had to offer. To help him accomplish this, he enlisted horror novelist Tom (DARK FATHER) Piccirilli.
"The vampires in ADDICTED are very different (from those in VAMPIRES)," Kevin explains. "They're not heroes at all, although they are not necessarily evil either. The "Rachael" character, though she manipulates Joel, isn't doing it to be evil. The "Angie" character, in contrast, is evil. They are two sides of the same force."
As mentioned, Kevin downplays the gore in this one as compared to VAMPIRES. Oh, the blood still flows, and at times quite heavily (just witness the outrageous "chainsaw" scene!). But where other low-budget filmmakers practically throw it in your face, usually to cover up for other things the movie is lacking (like, say, a story), Kevin's films have no need for such cheap tactics. His rely on quality direction and compelling plot lines to keep your interest. 'Hopefully, the picture will be upsetting because of the psychological/surreal terror, and not because of the gross-out," he explains.
WEIRD CITY editor and longtime FANDOM correspondent Dave Szurek went so far as to include ADDICTED TO MURDER in his "Best of the Decade" list of genre titles. And if you are a true fan of the horror or vampire genres, you owe it to yourself (as well as to the current decaying state of horror) to check this, and Kevin's other titles, out. Witness what can be accomplished outside of Hollywood with mere pennies at your disposal!

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