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Written by Kevin Lindenmuth   
Apr 04, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Brimstone Production\\\'s newest feature, ADDICTED TO MURDER: TAINTED BLOOD, is not so much a sequel to the well-received \\\'96 indie as it is a prequel...of sorts. At the recent Chiller convention in Secaucus New Jersey I caught up with Lindenmuth during the chaos and he explained how this new movie is \\\"not just a part II\\\".
Q: What prompted you to make a second ADDICTED TO MURDER movie?
A: Well, I took a break from horror movies for nearly two years, producing the ALIEN AGENDA series, which is more sci-fi, and really had the itch to do another horror movie. In that time I had written several scripts--two with long time collaborator Ron Ford (director of ALIEN FORCE, MARK OF DRACULA, RIDDLED WITH BULLETS) and one with New York Filmmaker Jeffrey Arsenault (director of NIGHT OWL), scripts which would take a large budget to do justice to. As I\\\'ve been marketing the alien movies most of my funds were tied up there, so I decided to do something I could shoot within a month using local locations. Fortunately I live in Manhattan, which is like living on a big movie set. And since I think that ADDICTED TO MURDER is one of my strongest movies--and because I wasn\\\'t quite finished with the characters--I decided that this would be my next project. In my opinion you really can\\\'t go wrong with a vampire movie.
Q: Are you using the same actors? A: Yes, though it posed some scheduling problems. Mick (McCleery) has had a lot of changes in the past few years--he got married and is now expecting his second child. Laura McLauchlin had since moved to Los Angeles and was basically unavailable (working on the last two Clint Eastwood movies among other things) and Sasha Graham, I think, was getting a little burned out on this whole B-Movie scene after being in nearly a dozen features in the past three years. But she has a soft spot for the Angie character. The majority of the screen time, though, is given to a new crop of actors who portray the new vampires. There are some great performances here, particularly from Cloud Michaels, Sarah Lippmann and Ted Grayson and Joe Moretti. Bigger and better things are definitely on their horizons...
Q: What sets this movie apart from other sequels?
A: It\\\'s not a sequel, exactly, as I\\\'ve mentioned. The majority of it takes place BEFORE the first movie, how the ANGIE character deals with the wannabee vampires and her vampire brethren, sort of like NEW YORK STORIES but with vampires instead of humans. I think it builds on the first movie, adding a lot of background material that makes you nod your head and go \\\"Oh\\\". Also, the tone is very different--this is a very cynical and sarcastic movie and it moves a bit faster. I think of it as an entirely different movie featuring some of the same characters. Hopefully it\\\'s a follow-up done right...
Q: I noticed in the credit list that fellow filmmakers Tim Ritter and Gabriel Campisi have assistant director credits--how are they involved?
A: I wanted to use Joel D Wynkoop in a brief cameo and as Tim and he are partners of TWISTED ILLUSIONS, INC. it was easy enough to call him up and ask him to shoot a pseudo-interview with the character Wynkoop was supposed to play. It was a lot cheaper than flying to Florida! He also shot a flashback sequence with R.M. Hoopes, who usually scores music for Tim\\\'s films. I also wanted a cameo with cult director Ted V. Mikels, who I\\\'ve been in regular contact with the past few years, having done interviews with him for SCREEM, DEFEKT and CULT MOVIES. I thought he\\\'d be ideal for the \\\"TV vampire hunter\\\" and he was! He was great! Again, as Ted lives in Las Vegas I called up my friend Gabe and asked if he could videotape the interview segment--and he was up for it. Both filmmakers, by the way, are contributors to the ALIEN AGENDA series...
Q: Were there any mishaps on the production? Film anecdotes?
A: It was very straightforward and we kept on an amazingly punctual schedule, primarily because it was the first time I had an uninterrupted two weeks to shoot the movie. I\\\'m always a bit wiped out after a shoot but in retrospect it went extremely smoothly--in fact, many of the actors already knew each other from working together on films and plays--which made it all the easier. Plus, there weren\\\'t very many live effects. Lots of blood but very little makeup effects, which is extremely time consuming. God, it sound like it was boring, doesn\\\'t it?
Q: What\\\'s next on your schedule? It seems like you\\\'re always juggling three or four projects.
A: As soon as I finish up post production on TAINTED BLOOD I start editing the third CREATUREALM feature the I\\\'m probably shooting a drama, of all things, by August. It\\\'s something a little different, something intended for the film festival circuit. Which should all keep me busy until \\\'99 or so...

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