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Written by By Kevin Lindenmuth   
Apr 06, 2004 at 02:00 AM
With each movie I\'ve done, I wanted to do something different-- with VAMPIRES & OTHER STEREOTYPES it was the horror/comedy; with TWISTED TALES the horror anthology; and recently, with ADDICTED TO MURDER, it was the horror/drama (no sense of humor in that sucker!). This year the project was to attack the alien invasion sub-genre, hence the first ALIEN AGENDA movie...
First, I\'ve always wanted to do an alien movie. When I was a kid I watched all those shows--UFO, SPACE 1999, PROJECT UFO--along with all those \'1abduction\" TV movies--and they all left me feeling a bit unsatisfied. There was always so much potential, and while many of the aliens were pretty cool looking, the storylines were all so typical. It\'s not until recently with shows like THE X-FILES and DARK SKIES that the alien invasion movies work.
During the past year I\'d been working on a book on independent filmmaking, called THE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING: THE RIGHT WAY TO MAKE YOUR FIRST FEATURE--and I was dealing with the participation of nearly two dozen independent filmmakers across the country -- all of whom had similar stories about making movies and distribution and how hard it was to go about doing all this. I already had the idea of an alien invasion movie in mind--and as I scripted the movie I asked some of these people if they were interested in helping and many of them were. Some had access to sophisticated graphics equipment, others even had stories of their own they wanted to do, which I incorporated into the basic premise.
What ended up happening was the creation of not one movie but two--both under the banner of THE ALIEN AGENDA. The first one, called OUT OF THE DARKNESS, deals with the subtlety of the invasion, how the \"gray\" aliens are experimenting with humans and planting hybrids into the general populace, hybrids that prey on humans. Although it contains three distinct stories (two by me, one by long-time associate Mick McCleery), they all add upon each other and connect, so I can\'t really call it an anthology. It stars McCleery, Sasha Graham, Scooter McCrae (director of SHATTER DEAD), Rick Poli (TWISTED TALES), and John Collins. Visual effects are being done by Mark Polonia (director of FEEDERS, currently at your local BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO STORE!) and Tim Thomson (director of NO RESISTANCE). There\'s also a cameos by Jeffrey Arsenault (director of NIGHT OWL) and Candice Meade (a victim in ADDICTED TO MURDER). This 80 minute episode will be available in October, just in time for the CHILLER convention.
The second ALIEN AGENDA movie, ENDANGERED SPECIES, deals with a future world where it\'s revealed that a second type of alien, referred to as MORPHS, are at war with the \"grays\" and that mankind is caught in the middle. This episode features a segment directed by Tim Ritter (written by Ritter and myself) called RANSOM, a segment by Gabriel Campisi, called THE LAW, and the wraparound, THE COMPLEX, and final story, BIRTH RIGHT, written and directed by me. It also has directorial contributions by Ron Ford (scripter of THE FEAR) and Michael Legge (WORKING STIFFS, SICK TIME). Computer visual effects will also be handled by Mark Polonia and Tim Thompson. Scheduled cameos are from Gordon Linzner (author of THE TROUPE, THE ONI, editor of SPACE & TIME magazine), Howard Berger (co-director of ORIGINAL SINS) and a few other surprises.
I think the ALIEN AGENDA is turning out to be the biggest collaboration between low-budget independent directors to date.

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