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Written by By Kevin Lindenmuth   
Apr 09, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Q: In the past two years you\'ve been in a whole slew of Independent Features, namely ADDICTED TO MURDER, FIVE DEAD ON A CRIMSON CANVAS, and a cameo in the first installment of the upcoming THE ALIEN AGENDA. What is your view of low-budget films? Are you a fan?
A: My main activity is making these low budget movies. I\'ve had the pleasure of seeing friends in other indies (most recently DESOLATION ANGEL) besides seeing my own, and it is a source of great satisfaction, especially when the efforts are successful. It\'s difficult to make a good film with limited resources so I\'m proud to have been associated with these films that have attained a measure of success. One of my biggest thrills so far was seeing VAMPIRES & OTHER STEREOTYPES reviewed on the same page as films with Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in FANGORIA magazine.
Q: Any interesting anecdotes about any of the productions? Are there great similarity in working conditions, the people, etc?
A: It\'s not unusual to meet the same actors again and again. Two of the actors in \"5 DEAD ON A CRIMSON CANVAS\" were previous acquaintances. Of course, Mick McCleery, Laura McLauchlin, and Sasha Graham have been in several Brimstone films. I\'m always happy to be in a Brimstone film or a Cinema Image film because I know these people are good, competent filmmakers, who know how to make a movie and follow up on marketing it. Not all indies are this successful. Results with some of the others have been poor, but I feel there\'s a law of averages here. Make enough films and several will be good, perhaps extremely good.
Q: Tell us about your background and credits.
A: I never took acting lessons, yet I feel I can play any type of character, good or evil, strong or weak. My two biggest roles are in ONE DOG DAY, directed by John Hyams, in which I play a vicious killer; and REFLECTIONS OF A SENSITIVE MAN, directed by Joe Vinciguerra, where I play a comical drunkard who helps a young man. Other films I still have hopes for are \"1-900\" and VENUS FLY TRAP. I can\'t name all the others, for lack of space, but SESSION MAN is a recent completion...
Q: Lately you\'ve been getting more visibility as an actor--being on Public Access in Manhattan as well as portraying Gilbert Gottfried\'s \"stepfather\" on USA UP ALL NIGHT during their broadcast of STEPFATHER II. Is your goal to get more TV work?
A: My appearance with Gilbert Gottfried was my first national exposure, though I\'ve had local exposure in the Tri-State area. I\'ll probably always do more films than television. But since films are shown on TV and videocassette, the distinction between film and TV is blurred. My goal is simply to get as many parts as possible and hopefully become well-known and in demand. If I can get help maybe I can make a film, someday.

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