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Written by By Kevin Lindenmuth   
May 03, 2004 at 02:00 AM
1996 has been a busy year for actress Debbie Rochon, starring in the movie SANTA CLAWS, co-starring in RED LIPS II, and appearing as a multi-media medium in EVIL AMBITIONS.  She also hosted the video magazine THEATER DARK and appears in Hugh Gallagher\'s DRACULINA VIDEO MAGAZINE as well as hosting several \"behind the scenes\" videos for Salt City Home Video. We recently caught up with her on her new movie, THE ALIEN AGENDA: ENDANGERED SPECIES...
Rochon: I was fortunate enough to meet Kevin Lindenmuth earlier this year through Ron Bonk, another filmmaker I was working with at the time. I saw both ADDICTED TO MURDER and VAMPIRES & OTHER STEREOTYPES and was very impressed with the work. I loved Kevin\'s storytelling abilities and how he used a low-budget to his advantage. He had to rely on his creativity, and the fact that ADDICTED TO MURDER ended up in Blockbuster is evidence of his achievement. When he was ready to do ALIEN AGENDA: ENDANGERED SPECIES, he called me up, and based on his previous work, I enthusiastically agreed.
Q: Are you a fan of alien movies?
Rochon: I love genre films. They\'re fun to watch and even more fun to be in. As an actress you really have to suspend reality, even more than when you\'re working with traditional material. For instance, how many stage plays have the characters interacting with large, dripping, gooey, animated pieces of plastic? I think working on any sort of science-fiction film is a wonderful chance to really test your imagination as an actor. My favorite alien movies are; ALIEN AUTOPSY (!), THE THING (both \'51 and \'82), and ROBOT MONSTER.
Q: Your character, Megan Cross, goes through quite a bit in ENDANGERED SPECIES. Tell us a bit about her.
Rochon: Megan is a survivor. She sacrifices everything for the truth. I think what drives her most is the innate desire to save the human species and consequently a part of herself. She\'s playing a mental game of chess, trying to outsmart and outlive the aliens. She becomes, over the course of the film, unable to trust anyone, which is something I personally relate to having been homeless when I was a teenager. But, all is not quite what it seems by the end of the film! She\'s faced with a very explosive situation!
Q: You also write for many genre-oriented magazines and host a radio show that\'s put across on the Internet. From your exposure, both as an actress and a writer, what is your perception of the current \"independent\" scene of low-budget filmmaking?
Rochon: I think the low budget scene is quite exciting right now. The level of acting, directing, and cinematography has drastically improved. The low budget scene has, in the past, been glutted with either bad filmmakers or what we not call \"art\" films. Now, the major studios look to the indie scene and snap up young directors that can produce a great film for 10, 20, 30 thousand dollars. Talent and innovation doesn\'t need money. Some of the most inspiring films I\'ve ever seen have no special effects or inflated budgets whatsoever. Look at a film like BLOWUP (1966) or most of John Cassavetes\' movies and you\'ll see how engaging and disturbing the film experience can be. A lot of the movie-going public has forgotten that seeing a film should be an experience of some sort. I have noticed an influx of new B-movie directors that are making more content driven features, as opposed to the mindless T & A fare most of us have had to work through in the B-industry. I think the current independent scene holds a lot of promise as well as integrity.
Q: Tell us a bit about your recent projects and future projects.
Rochon: Some of my current releases include: The occult film EVIL AMBITIONS and the festive serial-killer flick SANTA CLAWS. I\'m very proud that TROMEO AND JULIET has opened to an outstanding theatrical release, winning film festival awards world-wide. I\'m also very excited about the release of this film, THE ALIEN AGENDA: ENDANGERED SPECIES. Not only was it a pleasure to work on, but now I get to add Kevin name to my list of directors! I will be shooting a film in the Twin Cities sometime in January called A QUESTION OF TIME and at the end of January I\'m slated to shoot HELLBLOCK 13 with Crimson Productions and STRAWBERRY ESTATES with Ron and Salt City. If Creative Productions can secure financing in time, I\'ll then become a vampire in February for GIRL BITES GIRL.

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