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Written by By Kevin Lindenmuth   
May 05, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Q: What\'s your involvement in THE ALIEN AGENDA? You\'re the only actor to have two different roles, in both movies.
Well, I told the producer, Kevin Lindenmuth, that I could look different in both roles. As the abusive father in OUT OF THE DARKNESS, I look like plain white trash. I\'m mean, drunk, and pathetic. I hope it comes off that way. In RANSOM, I play a Snake Plisken type character. My character\'s not afraid of anything. He\'s a man on a mission and nothing will stop him from completing it -- not alien hybrid women, not seventeen-foot pythons, not mutated killer alligators, not karate battling guards. Nothing. Both roles were a lot of fun to play.
Q: How does the character of RANSOM compare to, let\'s say, the killer (Angus) in CREEP or the detective in WICKED GAMES (Hess).
Angus Lynch, the killer in CREEP, is a total psycho. Anyone gets in his way, he rips their head off. He makes Jason look like a choir boy. Angus does not follow a pattern of logic, he just acts on impulse, no remorse. In other words, see the movie. Dan Hess, the detective in WICKED GAMES, is cool and calculating, sort of a cross between Dirty Harry and Steve Nekoda (from LOST FATTH) . Unlike Dirty Harry, though, he tries to go by the book. Just like Captain Kirk, he doesn\'t like to lose. Cope Ransom, on the otherhand, is an anti-hero. He\'ll break the rules and do it his way, but the job will get done. Think of him in this example: In the old days, Batman would say or ask \"did you start the fire?\" to the bad guy. Today\'s more dark and foreboding Batman drags the criminal into the burning building and keeps him there until he gets an answer. That\'s what Ransom would do!
Q: What would be your ideal role, as an actor? Do you envision getting out of the low-budget arena?
I\'d love to do a role on VOYAGER or WALKER: TEXAS RANGER. I\'m a big STAR TREK fan so that would be great to be on board the Voyager, and I\'ve been a Chuck Norris fan for years, all the way back to his first movie -- GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK. Of course, to work on a huge production like INDEPENDENCE DAY or BATMAN FOREVER, would be great! However I think if you start as an independent, you owe it your start to always go back if the opportunity arises. Let\'s say I became a huge star and I\'m asked by Tim Ritter to come back and reprise the role of Angus in the movie CREEP. If I was free at the time and had no other obligations, I\'d say yes. I think you owe it to the people that saw the original, and also to yourself, because you wouldn\'t be where you are today without doing that character.
Q: What have you been up lately?
A filmmaker by the name of Marcus Koch contacted me and offered me a role in his movie POT. It\'s the story about a government official being stripped of his credentials and identity. Then he must tangle with the living dead brought to life by a germ he created. It will be an all out zombie type battlefield, pitting martial arts and brute strength against a town full of rotting monsters. It\'ll be a lot of fun, LOST FAITH meets DAWN OF THE DEAD. Also, the second sequel to TRUTH OR DARE starts shooting in October. The copper masked madman is back and this time he\'s pissed!

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