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Written by By Tom Wendt   
May 08, 2004 at 02:00 AM
ALIEN FORCE, the new feature produced by WILDCAT ENTERTAINMENT, is not just another alien movie invading the movie scene, no small feat in a year that\'s recognized as the \"comeback\" of those alien invaders. What, you may ask, makes ALIEN FORCE so different? Perhaps it\'s the attitude or maybe it\'s the... martial arts!?!
Ron Ford, the film\'s scripter and director, explains: \"Martial arts is something which Wildcat Entertainment (who produced the picture) has proven they can do effectively on an extremely low budget.\" ALIEN FORCE\'s producer, Mark Gordon, previously directed two thrillers, SUNSET AFTER DARK and POINT DUME before venturing onto the action scene with BLAZING FORCE. And in the tradition of low-budget filmmaking this production company utilized all of their resources to come up with something that wasn\'t all that typical. Ron explains, \"Action is what sells in today\'s marketplace so, when I decided to make a movie with Wildcat martial arts seemed a necessary element to ensure marketing potential. Since I wanted to do an alien movie to take advantage of the current interest and I realized I had to combine it with martial arts: Well, that was another deciding factor in making the movie somewhat tongue in cheek. I mean, if we tried to make a dead serious karate alien movie, who the hell would take that seriously?\"
The story of ALIEN FORCE concerns the recovery of the Bauxilium Egg, a case of living metal in which is trapped the captured life-forces of a billion alien parasitic monsters known as the Jadepean Soul-Suckers. Gorek, the last of the Soul Suckers, intercepts the egg before its destruction on the planet Praximus 18 and sends it hurtling toward Earth. The Omnipresent Praxima, played to the hilt by Burt Ward, sends our hero Trace, the Praximean responsible for the egg\'s loss, to Earth in a warrior\'s body in order to intercept and destroy the egg before Gorek gets it. What ensues is a roller coaster paced action packed science fiction adventure with plenty of digital effects, dazzling martial arts, and a very entertaining ninety minutes.
Yet the film\'s non-stop action doesn\'t sacrifice another important aspect of any film--the acting, primarily because this film\'s director is an actor. \"My acting experience helped out a great deal. I have been involved in theater for twenty-five years and have also been in a number of films (KILLER TOMATOES EAT FRANCE, THE LAUGHING DEAD, ADDICTED TO MURDER) and TV shows (HEY, DUDE and THE YOUNG RIDERS). I could tell right away at auditions who could realistically handle a role and who couldn\'t. A lot of the casting choices were friends of mine whom I have worked with on stage. I knew how they worked and what I could expect from them, and many parts were written that way with people in mind.\"
Tyrone Wade, the film\'s hero, starred in Wildcat\'s previous film, BLAZING FORCE, which Ford co-wrote. An Australian body-builder and black belt, he\'s soon scheduled to go to England to appear in an action movie directed by Lloyd Kaufman of \"Troma\" fame. \"Tyrone was a godsend,\" Ford reveals. \"He never says a bad word about anyone and he\'s easy to work with. His fighting is crisp, realistic and his choreography is done quickly and is always excellent.\" Not to mention that he has an accent, which is seems to be a prerequisite for action heroes these days. Judging from his roles in BLAZING FORCE and ALIEN FORCE he is definitely a hot property.
The film\'s \'name actor\', who was just right for the tongue-in-cheek movie, is Burt Ward as the Omnipresent Praxima, ruler of Praximus 18. Famous for playing Robin on the GO\'s TV series BATMAN, he is extremely funny in this movie. Fans will not be disappointed.
ALIEN FORCE differs from current alien fare on TV and in theaters in its attitude. \"The movie is played for pure entertainment, with tongue definitely planted in cheek,\" Ford enthuses.\" Although I think it works fairly well on a comic-book dramatic level the discerning viewer will soon realize that this is basically a parody of the silly alien paranoia that sucks so many people in these days. The same paranoia of f of which, conversely, most of the other alien invasion shows have played pretty seriously. That can be very effective but it\'s also a subject ripe for parody, and that\'s what ALIEN FO}ZCE does in a sneaky, back-door kind of way.\"
Look for ALIEN FORCE to invade the shelves of your video-store early next year.

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