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Written by by Kathy Casey   
Jun 04, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Max Cerchi is a new face in the b-movie scene - as both a producer and distributor. We recently sat down with him for one of our quickie interviews to discuss his new movie, Carnage Road!
Dark Gallery) Tell us about your new movie - what\'s the basic plot?

Max Cerchi) The movie is titled : \" CARNAGE ROAD : The Legend of QuiltFace\". Four students on a class photography project are going into the desert. Soon, one by one, they are killed by the mysterious \"QuiltFace\" a deranged man who has various faces of his victims, \"quilted\" together on his own head.
DG) Where did you come up with the idea for the movie?
MC) Well, I\'m a big fan of the Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw and Friday the 13th so I decided to mix all these movies together plus, I added my ideas as well ! The idea of the movie came suddenly and in one day I had the story written on my computer. I immediately forwarded the story to my friends Mark and John Polonia and John started to work on the project immediately. In 3 days I got the screenplay back! At first I was surprised to have received it so fast but after reading it and after some minor changes, the movie was ready, well …. on paper !
DG) Your lead actors - how did you go about finding and casting them?
MC) I worked with Dean Paul back in 1998 when I was still in NY during the shooting of Kendall Ransom: Bounty Hunter (still unedited though!) he had a small role but I was impressed by his acting and I promised him a bigger role when I would have the \"perfect\" role for him in the future.. The role of the \"old man\" was portrayed by Mike Paulle (Rob the BIG bodyguard in Hellinger), Mike is a really BIG actor (around 6\'5\") and I was pleased that he moved to Vegas last year. The funny thing is that we met at the airport 4 weeks before the shooting! I met the other actors here in Las Vegas thanks to a talent agent here in town.
DG) What sort of problems did you encounter while shooting?
MC) The principal problem while shooting was the heat. We were shooting the movie in July and in the desert the temperature was around 105 degree ! All the roles, especially the role of Dean Paul and QuiltFace, where extremely physical and I required a constant \"run/duck/escape/walk/jump/scream/etc.\" and, you can imagine, under the sun it\'s extremely fatiguing. Everybody drank a LOT of water !
DG) If you could shoot it all again, what would you do different?
MC) actually I\'m very satisfied with the final results; usually I\'m the worst critic of myself but I have to say that this is the first time that I\'m completely satisfied with the results of one of my movies! I think this is my best film ever!
DG) What do you feel was the greatest coup you pulled off while shooting the movie - for example, was it a great location you managed to secure, or an especially expensive special effect that came out great, or a better-than-expected performance from one of your actors, etc?
MC) The greatest location (except the desert) was a huge abandoned trailer park in the middle of nowhere. I was driving around ,looking for locations for my movies, around one year ago and on the map I found a very small town (12 houses) in the middle of the desert. After I passed the \"town\" I saw inside a gully this \"trailer park\". I did a U-turn and I was there, \"visiting\" the trailers. I was very lucky, coming back to the small town, to find a family that had the phone number of the owner of the trailer park and I was able to get the permit for shooting there for free. There are not especially expensive special effect, the one thing that I wanted to have in this move was a sort of \"mental abuse\" feeling that the viewer can see in some scenes ( QuiltFace playing cat versus mouse with his victims) and especially in some of the killing scenes, I did NOT put music in them to give a sort of \"realism\" …. Regarding the performance of ALL the actors, I have to say that I was extremely pleased by all of them since they did a better-than-expected performance. Unfortunately I discovered that off the set they all hated me but this is another story !
DG) What elements of the movie do you feel will most appeal to the fans of independent cinema?
MC) The movie looks like it was shot with a big budget and I hope that the fans of the independent cinema will be very please ,since, (I hope!) I tried to captured the elements of panic of \"The Hills Have Eyes\", the mental abuse of \"Texas Chainsaw Massacre\" and the violence of \"Friday the 13th\" and I add my \"deranged\" directing and camerawork ….
DG) Are you pleased overall with the final product?
MC) I don\'t want to look immodest to the eyes of the people that are reading this interview but I have to say that this is the BEST movie that I have ever shot!

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