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Jul 03, 2006 at 02:00 AM
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DG July 06 - Suzi Lorraine - Screamin' Hottie!
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Suzi: I remember driving up to Montreal from NY in a blizzard! It took so long to get up there - white out conditions - almost no one on the road it was so bad. I arrived so late that we had to push up the shooting schedule, which resulted in filming into the wee hours of the night! But it was a really great experience, and it was one of my first really meaty roles. My character, Isha, initially comes across as a kind, friendly neighbor, but she soon changes gears and morphs into a totally different kind of personÉ

DG:Tell us a bit about SHE DEMONS OF THE BLACK SUN - what a great b-movie title!

Suzi: IsnÕt that the best? That is one of my favorite movie titles ever. Sv Bell came up with that title. He is heavily inspired by the campy Ô50Õs drive in horror classics, with monsters and aliens and really implausible and funny situations. ÒShe DemonsÓ is about a young college student who is new in town (played by my friend Isabelle Stephen) who falls into the wrong crowd. She ends up getting drugged with a roofie and then date-raped by 4 scumbags. Well that was a mighty big mistake, as Isabelle has dabbled extensively in the black arts. She is so infuriated by what happened that she summons up 4 She Devils to enact revenge on the 4 creeps. So I am one of the main demons - Belial - who goes all out no holds barred and brutalizes 2 of the creeps. I rip one guyÕs eyes right out of the sockets. The she devil makeup was very cool. I kept telling the special effects artist to make me meaner and uglier. ;-) It was fun.

DG: Yikes! LetÕs move on to your next projects with them, THE NIGHT THEY RETURNED, RISE OF THE GHOSTS and PURPLE GLOW. Who do you play in them and how were the shoots?

Suzi: I play a bat, a monkey and a goat, respectively.

DG: OK, I bet that is something most actresses cannot claim! Tell us more!

Suzi: In ÒThe Night They ReturnedÓ, I play Tawny Taggart, one of the sisters in this family of doom. I conspire maniacally with my partner in crime and sister, Brenda Taggart, played by my friend Melantha Blackthorne. Essentially, we lure unsuspecting ÒguestsÓ back to our house where we cook them up and eat them. Sometimes we donÕt even bother cooking them. Sometimes we just play with their spleens and livers. Hahaha. It is completely a tongue in cheek Ô50s drive in inspired horror movie. I would describe it as a black comedy.

DG: How about your work in PURPLE GLOW - thatÕs just a cameo?

Suzi: Yes. I play a babysitter who is terrorized by this maniac who calls her on the telephone. IÕve been told itÕs one of the funniest scenes in the film.

DG: And RISE OF THE GHOSTS is in pre-production?

Suzi: We hope to begin filming this summer or fall in Montreal. I play a mentally disturbed elementary school teacher who poisons all of her students, and is sentenced to the electric chair. I meet another criminal while on death row (played by the one and only Melantha Blackthorne) and we begin plotting together. However, I donÕt die easy, and I resurrect as a ghost many years laterÉ. ThatÕs when the fun beginsÉ

DG: SATANS SCHOOLGIRLS is another great title - tell us about who you play in that.

Suzi: SatanÕs Schoolgirls was a barrel of monkeys. Nearly the entire cast was made up of cut-ups (and I mean that in a good way and count myself among them), so when we were not working, we spent most of our time laughing and joking around, and making fun of each other. I have fond memories of that film.

DG: It was a quick shoot? What was the toughest part?

Suzi: It was a compressed filming schedule, so there was much to be done in a limited number of days, but we still had down time and for me at least it was a stress free set. The toughest part of the shoot? Ok, let me give you a little background first. I play Sister Helen, a nun who teaches at an all-girls school. Sister Helen is, how shall we sayÉ. twisted, and she believes in strict corporal punishment. Oh yes. So there is a scene where I have to punish one of the students, played by Jane Scarlett, and I have to paddle her for Òbad behaviorÓ. Well obviously there were a number of takes, and I watched as JaneÕs butt took a literal beating, going from pink to red to scary shades of purple. I didnÕt want to hit her too hard, but at the same time they wanted it to look believable. Oh and the worst thing was that there were problems with the footage, so we had to come back another day and re-shoot that scene! Jane is such a trooper. To this day, it is our running joke whenever we see each other!

DG: DAY OF THE AX is known to many a gore fan - how was working with Ryan Cavalline on that one? Lots of blood, I would expect!

Suzi: Ryan is great. Totally professional and easy going and mellow. HeÕs the kind of director who doesnÕt smother you - instead he gives you lots of lee-way to do the role as you envision. And oh yes, there was blood! ;-) Blood that was poured on, sprayed on, you get the ideaÉ Good stuff. I have been talking with Ryan about a lead role in one of his upcoming films, so hopefully that will come to fruition real soon.

DG: DECEND INTO DARKNESS 2 is a sequel to an as-yet-unreleased Ohio-lensed horror flick. How did you get involved with that project and how was the shoot?

Suzi: I got an email from the director, Stephanie Aldridge. She asked me if I would be interested in a role in her upcoming film. I checked out the script and it looked great, so I signed on. I was also really impressed with the fact that she is a female horror director she is so young. She was only 17 when we worked together. So she flew me out to Cleveland for the shoot, and the rest is history! I actually played 2 characters in ÒDescend Into Darkness 2Ó, who are diametrically opposed to one another. Michele is this free spirited and wacky goth chick who marches to the beat of her own drummer, while Angela could be described as an all American cheerleader. So it was fun to play 2 different roles (different makeup, hair, clothes, etc), but I must admit the character of Michele was more fun. There was more levity.

DG: What else have you been working on lately that fans can check out now or soon?

Suzi: ÒShe Demons Of The Black SunÓ (www.svbell.com) will be released sometime in May, also ÒDay of The AxÓ with 4th Floor Pictures will be released in May as well by Pendulum Pictures (www.pendulumpictures.com). Also ÒThe ShedÓ directed by recent NYFA film grad Jason Rice will be officially released late summer/early fall.

DG: You also write for a number of horror magazines?

Suzi: I write monthly columns for Horror Mania Magazine, which is based in Italy, and Gorezone Magazine, which is based in the UK. For Gorezone, I write a monthly ÒDiary of A Scream QueenÓ column, and for Horrror Mania, I write about everything from current and classic horror films to horror industry gossip to interviews with celebrities such as Gunnar Hansen. You can check out some of the columns on my website (www.modelsuzi.com). Also, just wanted to let my fans know that I have at least 2 scheduled film festivals this year. I have been invited to the Santena Corto Film Festival (www.santenacortofilmfestival.it) in Torino Italy (Sept. 30 Ð Oct 2nd), and also the It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival (www.itcamefromlakemichigan.com) in Racine Wisconsin. Several films of mine will screen there, including ÒCold Blonded MurderÓ, ÒThe ShedÓ, ÒShe Demons Of The Black SunÒ, ÒChainsaw SallyÓ and others.

DG: Thanks, Suzi

Suzi: Thanks, Joe, it was fun!

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