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Written by By Steve McNaugton   
Jun 08, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Hoping to give new aim to her career, Kathey Willets wants to go from nymphomaniac to just plain maniac in her new horror-thriller entitled CREEP, which is available on videotape now.
Willets first achieved notoriety in Broward County, Florida as a call girl whose clientele included public officials! Her ex-cop husband Jeff did the pimping... and videotaping from the bedroom closet! Her defense - she needed the sex to treat her nymphomania - didn't fly. Both were convicted.

After the call girl scandel, Willets embarked on a career as an adult entertainer. Her nude performances at adult nightclubs across America have been a smashing success, followed by an avalanche of controversy. At West Palm Beach's own T's Lounge (where part of CREEP was lensed), Willets was arrested on a lewd-behavior charge (Her flashlight bit on stage and in the movies would make the Energizer bunny explode!). These charges were later dropped.
Next up for the voltuptuous entertainer was a string of hard-core porno movies where She instantly became a superstar sensation on the rental and sales charts with titles like NAUGHTY NYMPH and SNATCH MASTERS (Volume 11).
Taking a cue from Traci Lords and Ginger Lynn, Kathey Willets has now entered mainstream movies.
She began with the recently released horror film CREEP. She called South Florida-based filmmaker Tim Ritter, known for such splatter films as TRUTH OR DARE -- A CRITICAL MADNESS (1986), KILLING SPREE (1990), and WICKED GAMES (1994), asking to participate in his next horror project.
"I was trying to get away from negative publicity," Willets stated about CREEP, "and thought I'd give it a shot."
Writer-director Tim Ritter was excited about the prospect of having a "celebrity" in his next movie, so he quickly rewrote a script he had just finished called CREEP, tailoring a part for Kathy. "It's basically father and daughter cops pitted against brother and sister serial killers," Ritter said.
Kathey Willets plays the sister of serial killer Angus Lynch, who is essayed by cult actor Joel (LOST FAITH, WICKED GAMES) Wynkoop. The story deals with child abuse, incest, and of course, murder. The psychotic siblings go on a bloody rampage that includes an "erotic" graveyard scene where they dig up their mother just for kicks!
Also starring in CREEP is Tom Karr, producer of the 1974 cult film DERANGED. He plays the father of tough female cop Jackie Ketchum. Ketchum is played by veteran stage and screen actress Patricia (WICKED GAMES) Paul.
Special effects for the movie include some early works created by Tom Savini that were worked into the scenery courtesy of Tom Karr, who produced one of Savini's first special effects-laden films, DERANGED.
CREEP is touted as being "Outrageous and Unrated," featuring sexy action, a twisted storyline, and extreme gore. And don't forget the Kathy Willets dance scene, shot on location at T's Lounge (If rated, CREEPwould be equivalent of a hard "R" or NC-17.)!
Kathy Willets is pleased the way CREEP came out. She attended its theatrical premiere in July 1995 and expanded on her views.
"I've got my hands in a lot of different things," Willets stated. "Adult movies, a nightclub act, and CREEP. Since CREEP was released,I just finished a part in the upcoming Demi Moore/Burt Reynolds film STRIPTEASE... so who knows? I just want the acting experience. And I think CREEP is fantastic. My fans and horror fans will be quite pleased, I think!"
Say no more! If your bag is girls and gore, order a copy of CREEP today! Check it out.

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