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Aug 25, 2006 at 02:00 AM
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DG Aug 06 - J.R. McGarrity - Necessity is the mother of Blood Dancers
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J.R. McGarrity is a screenwriter, independent filmmaker who drove to Hollywood from Texas many moons ago to seek his fame and fortune. He has written several plays that have been produced and produced a couple of his own, very low budget features including a vampire stripper epic and a sex comedy. DARK GALLERY caught up with J.R. to hear his story.

DG: You are originally from Texas - what inspired you to make the move to Hollywood?

JR: I came to Hollywood from Texas to get in the movie business. I had a Blue 1976 Ford Maverick packed with all my possessions and a head crammed full of dreams. I had a cheap portable typewriter with blood on the keys and a moustache the size of my ego and the notion that I was a Poet Hollywood needed me!

DG: We here at DARK GALLERY love our vampire stripper movies - you wrote, produced and directed BLOOD DANCERS. Was this out of necessity to get it made or is directing something you'd like to do more of?

JR: I directed BLOOD DANCERS because I wanted to direct. I "produced" it out of necessity, to get it done. I personally built the sets for BDs out of necessity. I cooked lasagna for the cast and crew out necessity and edited out of necessity. I shot some of the scenes in my basement out of necessity. But it was kind of fun hanging Aime Wolf from pipes in the ceiling on aircraft cable to make her look like she was floating over Elizabeth Hayden Grace. It was fun for me that is, not so much for Aime. I think she passed out once. I love directing.

DG: We've interviewed Athena Demos here at DARK GALLERY - how was it working with her?

JR: Athena Demos was a complete professional. I wish everybody had as good an attitude as Athena and the willingness. The woman likes to be naked. I enjoyed working with her.

DG: THE INSATIABLE is another movie you wrote - what is it about?

JR: THE INSATIABLE, is about a guy, Harry played by Sean Patrick Flannery, who discovers that a beautiful Vampiress is preying on men in his neighborhood. The media, of course, describes the series of killings as unexplained and the police don't believe in vampires. Harry realizes that unless he personally hunts the Vampiress down and kills her he's next on her list. With the help of a paraplegic vampire expert he finds on the internet, Michael Biehn, Harry successfully searches out the lair of the Vampiress and is about to stake her when she awakens and pleads for her life. The Vampiress is so beautiful and convincing that Harry falls instantly in love with her and can't kill her. Of course, he knows now that he's really in it because she will kill him. So he builds a steel cell in his basement and captures her and keeps her prisoner there. Thats where his trouble really begins because she, the beautiful sexy, seductive Vampiress, well she must be fed.

DG: Were you able to be on set while this was being shot? Any good stories?

JR: I was not on the set of THE INSATIABLE. I wrote the original screenplay called PENT and sold it to the guys who produced it. I could tell from early on that they had different ideas of how things should be done and that they were going to have it their way so I, as graciously as possible, bowed out not very gracefully I'm afraid. THE INSATIABLE is complete but I have yet been giventhe opportunity to see. Thats all Ill say about that.

DG: And RALPHIE, your erotic comedy - who is the director?

JR: I also directed RALPHIE, my erotic comedy starring Vinnie Bilancio. In my humble and personal opinion its one of Vinnie's best performances.

DG: And RALPHIE is being shopped around at the moment?

JR: Yes, RALPHIE is being shopped around. We deliberately wanted to make a feature that you might see on late night cable, Showtime, HBO after Dark, Cinemax. The problem was, I didn't really want to make a soft core. I wanted to make a real movie...With lots of skin and sex, but a plot and humor storyline stuff like that. Something other than the pizza delivery guy shows up and they all do it wait that's BLOOD DANCERS joke. There is a pizza delivery guy in BLOOD DANCERS the FBI think hes a terrorists. Anyway, RALPHIE came up a little short on sexual content so we had to shoot some additional naked girl in the shower stuff and probably change the title. But it is on the market.

DG: What else might fans be on the look out for in the near future? What projects do you have going on or planned for the future?

JR: Fans?!! Do I have FANS???!!! Oh, you mean fans of movies and the genre...Well fans might look out for another tome of terror and some humor and evisceration. I have recently completed, registered and copyrighted a draft of a screenplay for a movie to be called CORPSEKILLER to be produced by real estate entrepreneur, Chris Lippman and starring Sasha Snyder. We are in pre-pre production on this one. Its gonna be fun maybe a little magic realism... the dead get up and walk around on one leg or hop. Its not really going to be a zombie movie youll see. I'm talking with John Lechago, BLOOD GNOMES, about directing this one, at least directing the special FX. But, I will have my usual.. full artistic input or we just won't do it!

DG: Anything else you'd like to add?

JR: The only other thing is, BLOOD DANCERS should be on the domestic market soon. I've been put through the ringer by this one domestic distribution company. I'm about to give them the old one finger salute and take it somewhere else. I think you know what finger I'm referring to.

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