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Written by By Leon Fielder   
Jul 07, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Sub Rosa Studios continues its onslaught of over-the-top video releases made by some of the top moviemakers in the microbudgeted scene with the winter 2001 release of DIRTY COP NO DONUT 2.
The original movie, released in 1999, garnered huge praise from critics and fans alike. Unleashing the acting talents of Joel (CREEP) Wynkoop and showcasing the directing talents of Tim (KILLING SPREE) Ritter, the self-purported "shockumentary" followed the ten hour shift of a deranged policeman who took the law into his own hands. We watched him confiscate and use drugs, get free sex from prostitutes, destroy a drunk driver’s car, and even force a rapist to castrate himself in a scene that gives I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE’s bathtub sequence a run for its money.
DIRTY COP NO DONUT went on to become a cult hit and both Ritter and Wynkoop received awards (for both Best Director and Actor of a shot-on-video movie, respectively) from the Amazing World Of Cult Movies in 1999. The mainstream cinema magazine MOVIELINE went on to feature a full article on the video, noting that it "made SOUTH PARK look like THE DONNA REED SHOW."
It seemed inevitable that a sequel would be forthcoming, but the questions of WHY one would be made (financial gains aside) and HOW the first one could be topped still linger in every potential viewers’ mind. Series creator Tim Ritter filled us in on the genesis of the project. "I was watching director Donald (RED LIPS) Farmer act in a movie he made called SAVAGE VENGEANCE," Ritter said, "and I thought he would be great in the role of a psycho cop, one that harassed women. I’ve known Donald since 1986 and we’ve worked together on a few projects, and he immediately dug the idea. So a story was developed…"
This story centered on a crazy cop by the name of Simon Cutter who is suspended by a city’s female mayor for alleged misconduct. He retaliates by kidnapping the mayor’s sexy young daughter and tries to coerce her (any way possible) into exposing dirt on her corrupt mother. Naturally, all this is captured on videotape.
Casting proved imminently difficult for the lead female role. Most actresses passed on the role of the daughter. She is captured, stripped down, and reduced to almost nothing by insane cop Simon Cutter. Cutter then has his way with her in a variety of manners, most of which cannot be described here. (Yes, the first video is topped in the depravity department here, as this one goes almost into a fetish arena!) It’s better seen on video with your own eyes if you want to believe it! Ghetty (GOROTICA) Chasen even passed on the role it was allegedly so disturbing in its first incarnation.
Farmer eventually found actress Brooklyn Milan, who agreed to essay the role in an improvisational style if the graphic scenes were toned down a bit. In the finished movie, the scenes seem to work well, and Brooklyn wasn’t shy at all about doing the full-frontal nudity the part required. "Hey, if I was a deranged cop that had nothing to lose and I kidnapped a pretty girl, I’d probably want to see what she had as well!" she said recently from a photography studio in California where publicity pictures were being taken for the video’s release. "It’s all part of the story and makes it more real. Plus, it gives the guys in the audience something to look at during all that exposition!"
The story changed drastically as Ritter struggled to keep up with new obstacles. "Donald called me up one day and said ‘let’s shoot the ending at a real political rally and integrate it into the video’", Ritter remembers, "and in the spirit of maverick moviemaking, we actually did this and got away with the footage intact! Then we ended up not being able to use the more public figures we had captured on tape and everything had to be altered. This slowed things down and made it all really tough to assemble. This problem dragged out for a long time and became quite a hassle."
Figuring that fans of the first volume might want more of original bad cop Gus Kimble, Ritter wrote some new material for Joel Wynkoop to contribute. The idea was that it would be neat to cut back and forth between two crazy cops being captured on video "doing their thing." This would provide more bangs for your buck if you were buying or renting the movie. Ritter developed a tale of competition and jealousy between the two cousin cops, and a whole Internet Web Site subsequently came about documenting the backstory of it all. (Check it out at www.dirtycop.com).
Wynkoop collaborated on his scenes with co-director Bill Cassinelli, a long-time contributor to Twisted Illusions films. They added a wealth of material to what Ritter had written, and all of this was sent to Sub Rosa Studios to be integrated by editor Steve McNaughton.
"It was an editing nightmare at first," McNaughton commented. "Joel and Bill deviated a lot from the material, sending us all kinds of weird footage. There was a new convenient store scene where the clerk actually drew a gun on them! Then there was this scene in a porno shop, where Gus picks up this huge dildo. That scenario with Wynkoop’s quips always makes everybody with a sick sense of humor just roll with laughter. Then there was footage where Wynkoop actually busted in on a live satellite TV broadcast in his dirty cop garb, and we had to go back and get permission to use all that!"
All involved readily admit the project snowballed way out of control. "I started with this simple concept," Ritter elaborated, "and it just grew and grew with this political thing and all of the things that Joel and Bill were adding."
"I had a blast making this one," Wynkoop recently said from the set of his latest movie called FALL OF AN ACTOR. "Gus’ character really starts out crazy. I mean really far out there. And through interaction with a new cameraman (co-director Cassinelli), he slowly evolves back to what he was in the first film. It was a challenge to play him that way with so many sides, as opposed to just dark and mean like in the first movie. A lot of people aren’t going to be expecting what we did here with Part 2. It’s multilayered."
Additionally, other filmmakers shot cutting edge footage that was added into various sequences, some of it subliminally. "We took a NATURAL BORN KILLERS approach to the editing," McNaughton noted, "in that anything went. Film school dropout Ed Kimball was allegedly creating it, so we ran with that idea in postproduction. There are scenes of just…off the wall images…where viewers will be inclined to rewind the tape and freeze it when they question what they thought they just saw. I loved the way David Fincher did that in FIGHT CLUB. There is some savage amusement in this project, and I couldn’t handle all of this with just my perspective." It is rumored that McNaughton himself shot some of these additional scenes, some of which are extremely nasty.
Sub Rosa chief and filmmaker Ron (STRAWBERRY ESTATES) Bonk was called in as a creative consultant on the project and helped cut the nearly unrealizable 106 minute atrocity down to a fine-tuned, manageable, and coherent 80 minute movie. "Wild!" Bonk recently said from his New York headquarters. "This one is wild. I couldn’t believe these guys were out there capturing some of this stuff. It’s downright hilarious. And some of it is pretty shocking!"
Of the end results, Donald Farmer is also very pleased. "This one really delivers what the original did and also adds a whole new mythology to the concept. So both fans of Tim’s first one and people that dislike sequels might find something they can enjoy here." Farmer liked working with Sub Rosa so much that he is currently working on several new projects with them, including a new venture that has many horror fans drooling in anticipation: RED LIPS 2…
"DIRTY COP NO DONUT 2 was a hugely collaborative project," McNaughton reflected recently from his parent’s Montana ranch. "I think people are really going to feel that they got their money’s worth with this volume. It’s not every day that indies like Donald Farmer, Tim Ritter, Ron Bonk, Joel Wynkoop, and Bill Cassinelli collaborate on something like this. There’s something in this movie for all low budget thriller and fetish fans. Be warned, though, the content is real strong. It’s very adult in nature. But the story is constantly evolving. And it’s VERY twisted. I like the way we have set things up like a documentary, yet there’s a slyly woven narrative that sneaks into the piece. They should have done this with the recent BLAIR WITCH sequel. It really works."
Finally, the issue of a possible third installment comes up. There have been mixed reactions to the ending, and director Ritter clarified things. "It really does end. It’s just that it ends very suddenly and like AMERICAN PSYCHO, it’s very interpretational. It could go on further, or it could very well stop right here. Originally, we were going to have different filmmakers from around the country contribute to the DIRTY COP series with a different actor playing the crazy cop role each time, so you never know where this franchise might lead. There could be a future series in that concept or this one might be it. It really depends on how Part 2 does and the availability of all the parties that we would have to get together for a third entry involving Gus and Simon…"
For now, fans should relish in the sexy, blood-soaked, politically incorrect, and severely irreverent follow up to DIRTY COP NO DONUT, subtitled (appropriately), I AM A PIG… That title alone about says it all!

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