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Jul 09, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Denice Duff is one of the fastest rising b-movie actresses on the scene! She stars in one of Full Moon's biggest franchises, "Sub Species", and works often for Roger Corman. And in-between these high profile b-projects, she SOMEHOW finds the time to work in "legitimate" Hollywood movie and TV work! Denice sat down with us recently for another of our patented quickie interviews!
Dark Gallery: When did you first get bit by the acting bug?
Denice Duff: Basically, most cute girls with an outgoing personality who know a photographer and reside in Los Angeles eventually do some sort of modeling or acting at least once. My 15 minutes of fame has been prolonged....
DG: Can you tell us about your very first TV role (on "Northern Exposure") and how it left you feeling after it was done? If there was any apprehension about acting as a career, did the work on that show erase it?
DD: I called "Northern Exposure" 'The show that broke my Prime-Time hymen.' I loved flying to Seattle area to shoot it. I loved working with Heidi who went on to be George Costanza's Fiancée on "Seinfeld"!
DG: You have worked in a number of mainstream projects and commercials, but you also have found your way into a number of b-movies. How did this first come about?
DD: I had done "Dream On" prior to that and some bit parts on "Santa Barbara", "General Hospital" and "Young and Restless", so I wasn't green. But I always get butterflies before a scene!
DG: As one of the few actresses around who can successfully go back and forth from mainstream to independent movies, tell me how these two levels of productions compare?
DD: Yes, I find it quite a coup that I've been able to work for Proctor and Gamble as their Ivory Soap girl and General Mills as their Chex Party Mix Chick. And yet Roger Corman and Full Moon also hire me. Its a fine line and the main difference is most evident in the ...FOOD! Snacks on the low budget films are red licorice and popcorn and on the prime time shows and national commercials its sushi, beef jerky and organic dried strawberries.
DG: And finally, do you find there is a greater level of freedom in your work in b-movies (and thus maybe a greater pleasure in them)? If you found yourself able to only work in b-movies (in regards to acting alone), would you be content?
DD: The b films I've done have been great because I've been the Demi Moore or the Julia Roberts of the Film! I'm it! I'm the lead lady! And the only luxury in that is not more screen time - because I don't care about that - but it's the leverage you have to play on the set. You can make choices that affect the whole script. And overall, the best thing is the respect and admiration as an artist that you get.
Thanks Denice, and continued luck!

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