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Aug 02, 2004 at 02:00 AM
I would like to subscribe to your news letter! I just found this web site today. Very cool! I purchased Draculina December #17 and an issue of Blue Blood awhile back. They are both great magazines. The f#$@ed part is I havehad a hell of a time finding either since.
Rick Hansen

Enjoyed your site alot!
I like the way you manage your web pages. A good balance of a graphics that aren't so large that it takes forever to load. I am a programmer/analyst which hopefully means that my praises mean a little more since I know what goes into this stuff.
One suggestion, change the background colors that glare, like the hot pink. Probably just me and my tired eyes, but it seems that the frequency occilation on some of those colors was freaking out my stigmatism. I had difficulty resolving some text, but also on some screens, where bright blue and red text were used, the red text literally seemed to appear behind the blue in a 3-D sense. I have never seen this happen before. Pretty cool.
Keep up the good work.
Richard M. Furtick
-Freaks you out? Maybe we'll keep it then...

Your pretty cool!!!
Heather Reid

From last issue:
Hunter said: "Cool site. I hope a lot of non-major studios/production companies list with you. It'll be nice to have evrything in one place. (Plus, maybe you'll be able to buy a slicker HTML editor!)"
We said: Hunter, we're always looking to improve the site. Any suggestions?!
Hunter replied: No, no. I was just sympathizing with your bemoaning the lack of funds to buy a neat-o keen HTML editor. :-) I use emacs as my HTML editor anyway.
I liked issue #2 just as much as the first one. The interview with Bruce Campbell was great.
I'm probably the least-rabid fan writing you :-). I love Army of Darkness, and I know the names of a lot of scream queens, but I've really seen very few of the movies that get mentioned on your pages. Your format is good for letting those newbies like myself find out more about who's who on the B-movie scene.

Hey i thought Your magazine was really well done. i am a gore lover and i thought it was great.is there any chance that you will have a story about about nosfaratu?VAMPIRES?????PLEASE??????please please please please please?

By the way - great fun to browse through your net-thing, nice stuff!
-Graf Hausen

I haven't had a chance to check out the killer links you have set up, but I'll do it asap. Also-- It's good to see you have taste in movies. I've seen THE FRIGHTENERS twice already and loved it both times! I also have the soundtrack. (I'm a HUMONGOUS Peter Jackson/Danny Elfman/Jeffery Combs fan!)
Anyway, I'll have a talk at you later. In the meantime, have fun! And good luck with your movie!

-Yep. still like that Peter Jackson guy...
I enjoy your B-Movie and Dark Gallery sites very much.
-Ron Gibson

Hi Ron. We've got you listed in our website in the fun places area under "Take the Studio tour" and have been linking ours to yours since our site went up because I thought your site was an interesting place to visit.
Jerry (Movies Unlimited)

Thanks for the new issue. I actually read it this time. Lots of fun. I checked out the web site too. You are sure keeping busy!
Ted Chalmers

I enjoy your newsletters...keep em coming...
-Pete Jacelone (Director of PSYCHO SISTERS 2)
-You bet Pete. Looking forward to the new movie!

I checked your WEB page and enjoyed reading some of your journals. I never realized making a movie was so much work!
-Robert Bonk
-Okay, okay, it's my Uncle. But he's way out in L.A. and I only met him once! Isn't email cool?

I finally got a chance to check out the FRIENDS section at your sight. It's great!
-I urge all wanting to break into the biz check this out and get themselves a link here!

Hi Ron! I was just in your website and the new pictures are so cool. It's so funny to go on the net and look at myself.
-Yes, the same beautiful entity that stars in our latest flicks...

Do you realize you have the coolest site around? Except for the big companys that have flashy audio/video capabilities, no-one has anything on you.
-Debbie Rochon (TROMEO AND JUILET)

Hi Ron, how's it going? I just thought I would drop a line and see how Dark Gallery is doing. I got great news today. Fangoria called me and are going to do a feature story on Crinoline Head. This is great! I think it's gonna be in the Jan issue. Maybe earlier. Keep in touch.
-Tommy Faircloth (director of CRINOLINE HEAD)
-Congrates Tommy! CH deserves the press!

Hi Ron. I viewed your page, looks like fun. Are you trying to give Joe Bob Briggs a run for his money?
-No, there's room for all of us!

Way cool web site--I love it! I'll be adding a link to your site asap.
-Brian Benison

Hello, I saw your site at http://www.b-movie.com/, it looks great.
-Mike Baffa

Your sites have been featured in an article I wrote on B-Movies for the August issue of the on-line newsletter "Trickle of Fear" located at: http://www.wbm.ca/users/kgreggai/newsletter/trickle.html
The newsletter is part of "Night Gallery," a website devoted to all things horror-related. You can find it at: http://www.wbm.ca/users/kgreggai/index1.html
Your sites are the best on the web for B-Movie 'everything' and I hope the listings help increase your business. I'll be ordering my "Gates of Hell" T-shirt very soon!

I did check out your site and thought it was not only really neat, but also worthwhile for me.
-Steven L. Hersh

-Got your Dark gallery news letter the other day. Cool. I've played around on your web site some more and I am ver impressed. I guess the more I play around, the more I'll get to understand how all of this works.
-Dennis Petersen (director of SCOT-FREE)

Ron, I saw your redesigned web site the other day. Pretty cool looking! Any late breaking news? I'm looking forward to seeing Vicious Sweet. Sounds good.
-Mike Legge (director of LOONS)

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