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Written by by Kristopher Richardsons   
Aug 03, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Danny Fendley is one of those guys you've probably seen many times without knowing it. In fact, he's probably been in your very living room (or bedroom) without you realizing it...Through the wonders of television, that is.  Considering all that, isn't it time you were properly introduced?
Yes, that was Danny in the Yamaha commercial, and it was him again in that Piggley Wiggley ad. For those of you within the South Central Bell calling range, that was Danny again, this time applying his trade to that company's ad campaign. In fact, Danny's resume is loaded with a slew of commercials and industrial film works. He also pulled a couple season's on televisions HEAT OF THE NIGHT series.
"Being a Georgia production company," says Georgia born Fendley, "I auditioned three or four times for that. I was sort of a cross between a police officer and a paramedic. In the first episode I was a deputy (Deputy Hyde) involved in a massacre then I just sort of magically, TV-like, evolved into a paramedic. Different uniform/same name.
Danny also holds a handful of motion picture credits including STARS AND BARS with Daniel Day Lewis, (who won an Oscar with MY LEFT FOOT in 89), FIRE AND ICE (AKA LEATHAL COWBOY) with Frank Stallone, RED LIPS, GEMINI ENCOUNTER, and INDIAN CREEK (Anyone with info on this St. Augustine, Florida lensed flick, please contact me through Dark Gallery), to name a few.
DEADLY RUN features Danny as the wealthy Bobby Wilson. Besides being a hard working successful business man, Bobby also enjoys sadistically killing young women in his mountain cabin. It's a nice little action flick that almost didn't get to be. Under primary director, Mark Bender, the entire project was hampered from start to finish.
"It was just one of those shoot from the hips kind of movies, even though we had a full crew of thirty people and shot for thirty days. It was just one of those first time things for a company. Usually when you're an actor, you go on and do your thing, and then it's okay. This was a situation where everyone was pulling their hair out for thirty days," says Danny. "There was a long wait on the post production work because it was sort of like pulling yourself out of a plane crash after that experience."
As it turned out , the last ten minutes of DEADLY RUN had to be reshot because of one can of missing film. It was then that Farmer was brought in to save the project, both directing the reshoot, and taking a hand in the post production work. The end result is seamless. A testament to Farmer's ability.
"Donald and I first met through a mutual friend on the set of DEADLY RUN," says Danny. 'To make a long story short, Don and I did DEADLY RUN, and then he brought COMPELLING EVIDENCE to me the next year. It was before we even had DEADLY RUN completed!"
In COMPELLING EVIDENCE, Danny was cast as Rick, a wealthy movie star who cheats on his wife, Michelle (Brigitte Nielsen). That is, until she learns of his infidelity, and threatens to take everything he's got. When Michelle is found brutally murdered, Rick insists he is innocent, though all the evidence points to him. On the run from police, with no one believing in him, Rick sets out to prove his innocence.
VICIOUS KISS (directed by Donald Farmer) features Margaux Hemingway, in what is reported to be her last film, as the wife of an artist named Jason (Fendley). The plot takes a "MISERY" meets "FATAL ATTRACTION" like twist as Jason is taken in and held captive by a very deranged wealthy widow who sees Jason as her dead husband come back to her.
DEMOLITION HIGHWAY (directed by Donald Farmer) casts Danny in the role of Frank Scarvo, a former bad guy let out of prison. He fully intends to go straight, but his old boss, Xavier Cardon (Joe Estevez of APOCALYPSE NOW) won't let him. Motivated by the death of his girlfriend, Frank goes on an a slam-bang path of vengeance. Danny says of the four this was the most fun to make because of the many explosions involved. "Kind of let the boy in me come out, you know?"
Working a lot in the Independent world, Danny has taken advantage of learning a lot of the after shooting world of distribution. After all, a great film is useless unless you get it in the marketplace.
"On the last couple of films we did some foreign distribution. That's been working out fine. You sell a country, sell them a master and it's over with. But US video distribution is a whole different animal. That's a pretty scary world. You've got 75,000 stores to deal with. That's a big difference than 50-60 countries.
"We thought we could do this as easy as we did the foreign, but that's just not the case. We finally decided to let a distributor deal with the domestic distribution and handling, and we'd stick to foreign. It's just a matter of numbers. You only have so much time and can deal with so many things at once."
A veteran actor, if not a household name, Danny Fendley decided early on to commit to his craft. Dedication, he insists, is the key to success in the business. That could mean building your entire off screen life around your acting dreams.
In his case, it meant investing in few rental units, "So that I wouldn't have to have a 9-5. That way I could go to an audition or my classes. I was an avid class goer for 7 or 8 years. An agent won't pay you any attention or anything so there's not much to do except go to class and sit around by the phone.
Though he is a firm believer in acting classes (there's that dedication thing again), experience, he says, is still the best education. His advice to aspiring actors and film makers?
"One day on the movie set is worth a year in class. It's such a different story when it's really happening as opposed to getting up and putting on the video camera in front of the class. It's for real when your out there."
Sound advice.

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