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Written by Mitch Persons   
Aug 06, 2004 at 02:00 AM
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The Warner Bros./Village Roadshow live action/animatronic/CGI film CATS & DOGS is Larry Guterman’s third fully completed film. "In February of ‘99 I read the script for CATS & DOGS and loved it", Larry explains, "and met with WB, and they hired me to develop it with the writers, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. I worked with them for almost a year before the producers, Chris De Faria, Craig Perry, Warren Zide, and Andrew Lazar, were given the green light for the project."
So what was it about CATS & DOGS that made him wait for a year before he got fully involved?

"I could say it was a combination of the live action, the CGI, and the puppetry, but as with all good stories, it was the script. There’s this group of rogue cats -- a real motley crew -- who have found out that there is a serum being developed which will eliminate all human allergic reactions to dogs. These cats try to get hold of the serum and destroy it. Then there’s a plot twist, which I’m not going to delve into too deeply now, but I will reveal that the end result is that the cats will be able to dominate humans and the world, and eliminate dogs completely. Of course, the dogs find out about this dastardly plot, and try to fight back."

How did Guterman find directing the mixture of the animated, the live, and the technologically manipulated animals?

"It was a really challenging thing to try to attack," he asserts, "because you want to try to create a scene with as little detection of special effects as possible. The goal is to make the illusion sell. It’s actually pretty difficult. It requires a ton of planning. You had the people from The Phil Tippett Studios and Rhythm and Hues, who were doing the visuals, and the people from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, the animatronic people, and Boone Narr, who was directing the live animals, come in and sit down and meet with the production people, all these various companies who are going to be working together. You sit around a table and hash out every frame of the storyboards, which you spend about eight months on, and try to really identify in advance how each frame is going to be achieved with what technique, and how you’re going to blend those techniques, and in the end, of course, you go and shoot the movie, and then, naturally," -- a big laugh here -- "forty percent of what you thought you were going to do goes out the window.

Guterman’s concern with harmonizing the animal special effects is understandable, but CATS & DOGS is not just an animal movie. The animals interact with some decidedly human actors, the foremost being Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, and Miriam Margolyes.

"Elizabeth and Jeff were great to work with, and Jeff, after a couple of days of working with him, really started to revel in the craziness and the lunacy of the whole concept. I had loved Jeff ever since THE FLY. THE FLY was one of my favorite movies, and he was just so compelling in that film -- weird, but charming in an off-beat way. And he was great in JURASSIC PARK. He really made it, created a unique character there.

"Miriam Margolyes also seemed to be caught up the whole craziness of CATS & DOGS. There’s this cat, an evil cat, but Miriam’s character thinks that he’s just a house pet who has been given to this 107-year-old industrialist that she knows. She is constantly dressing this cat up in different clothes, and that makes him look ridiculous. The whole situation is so far out, yet Miriam was able to get a handle on it and make it believable as well as funny.

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