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Aug 07, 2004 at 02:00 AM
In the year since her last appearance in DRACULINA, actress Sasha Graham adds three new movies to her lengthy credit list--the recently released GUILTY PLEASURES, CREATUREALM and the long awaited follow-up to ADDICTED TO MURDER entitled TAINTED BLOOD.
GUILTY PLEASURES, the new collaborative effort from Joe Zaso and Joe Parda (FIVE DEAD ON THE CRIMSON CANVAS) consists of two mini-movies, the second of which stars Ms. Graham. In A METHOD TO MADNESS she portrays Rosemary, a wannabee New York actress who harbors a terrible secret. She begins to lose her mind when she enrolls in a bizarre acting school with a sadistic acting teacher and soon people start to die in horrible ways. Rosemarie is a different sort of role from those Sasha has portrayed in such movies as THE VICIOUS SWEET or THE ALIEN AGENDA. Rosemarie is a rather sad, directionless woman who really doesn't know what's going on with her life or understand who she really is until it's too late.
In CREATUREALM, the new anthology series by Brimstone Productions, Sasha portrays a woman who has flashbacks to previous lives, lives which soon control her. A mysterious stranger steps from the shadows (played coincidentally by Joe Zaso) and tells her he has the answers she desires. She follows him and soon her dilemma becomes more complicated with the truth revealed, particularly in relation to her current boyfriend, portrayed by Grant Kramer (previously seen opposite Debbie Rochon in SANTA CLAWS). There's knives, blood and a really nasty monster.
The evil vampire Angie returns in ADDICTED TO MURDER: TAINTED BLOOD, a prequel to the well-received ADDICTED TO MURDER. This time the story revolves around several different vampires and those who want to be vampires. "Angie is a controlling force here, definitely making things happen", Sasha enthuses. There's a vampire who was created in the seventies (Ted Grayson), a woman dying of cancer who is newly indoctrinated (Sarah K. Lippmann) and several older characters such as "The Hunter" (Joe Moretti). Although the character of Joel Winter returns the movie does not focus on serial killers. "It's a 'slice of un-life movie," says Kevin Lindenmuth, the film's director. "I also wanted to expand on the Angie character, as she didn't show up until midway through the first movie. It's an entirely different story, not really a sequel or prequel so much as it is a continuation of the characters." But a third ATM movie is planned he reveals. "It's called THE LAST VAMPIRE and is scripted by my writing partner Ron Ford (ALIEN FORCE, MARK OF DRACULA, RIDDLED WITH BULLETS). Again, the star of it is Sasha--and she's readily agreed to reprise her role for a third time as soon as the production funds come in," Lindenmuth explains. "Hopefully that will be before 2000. There'll be no need to do any more vampire movies after than one--it'll say everything I've had to say about vampires."

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