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Sep 06, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Illumination Gallery is far more than a weekly radio show dealing with cinema; rather, it's a completely different way of exploring film via the Internet. Hosts Debbie Rochon and Peter Schmideg present exclusive, insightful interviews with directors, screenwriters, producers and actors while guiding listeners through an incredibly rich tapestry of cinema websites. Breaking down the boundaries between film, video, theater and reality, tapping the Zeitgeist, opening floodgates, allowing pulp journalism to infringe upon pulp fiction. Illumination Gallery is produced by the brand new media analysis tabloid Lurid Details and is netcast live on the Pseudo On-line Network.
It's hard not to also mention some of the other talents we've featured on the show; director Kevin Lindenmuth (ADDICTED TO MURDER), entrepreneur Johnny Legend, filmmaker and performance artist Charles Atlas, among many others!
Each week we examine the independent film world with the very people who make it happen. Illumination Gallery boasts a weekly panel of top experts and journalists who exchange and share insights on such great filmmakers as Rainer Werner Fassbinder, John Cassavetes and Sam Peckinpah. Our prominence is evident from the volume of email and number of 'hits' we receive on a weekly basis.
The show's hosts: Debbie Rochon and Peter Schmideg have first hand experience in the entertainment field. Rochon has acted in over twenty independent films as well as written for over a dozen genre magazines world wide. Schmideg is an accomplished playwright and screen writer who began his radio career on WBAI 99.5 fm in New York City over five years ago.

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