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Sep 09, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Q: Where did the idea for Curtains come from?
Legge: Curtains is actually an expansion of a short film I made in the early 80's with the same title. The premise is the same; the pick up truck endlessly circling the block, the people in the back telling their stories. The only story I kept fairly intact is the "Mother" story, but even with that I added the Death as Henny Youngman sequence, and the the flying books sequence. In the original the other stories were a lampoon of Reverend Moon, which I updated to the tragically comical HeavensGate sequence, and a quickie black and white silent sequence. Since the title, Curtains, is an old film noir name for "death", I decided to go the whole way with it, doing a parody of a Bogart detective and assorted sleaze balls you see in those '40's movies. To get back to the original question...

Q: I was wondering if you would...
Legge: I think anyone who's interested in horror/fantasy movies, has a certain fascination with death. I was brought up Catholic, (which I gave up for Lent one year and never went back), which at the time I was growing up, the nuns at Catechism was always drumming in your head that you have to be good so when you die you'll go to Heaven. If you're not so nice, you go to Purgatory, which is sort of a batters box for Hell. You just burn there for a while until you're done, then you can go to Heaven, but there's no time limit on how long you fry. So the idea of Purgatory and Limbo always stayed in my head, and I wondered what it would be like. The mundane idea of simply being stuck in the back of a truck forever amused me, and that's how Curtains was born.
Q: Does the original Curtains still exist?
Legge: It sure does. All 30 minutes of it. Shot on Super 8 with single system sound. It made the rounds of film festivals and got some notice at Ann Arbor and Toronto, so I always knew someday I'd make a feature out of it.
Q: Your films seem to alternate in a way, one film will be a purely ridiculous, absurd comedy, such as Braindrainer, then a more satirical, pointed comedy like Potential Sins. Is that a conscious decision or does it just happen that way?
Legge: What? I'm making comedies? Oh no! This ruins my whole concept of myself! In all candor, I do that on purpose. Maybe it's the Gemini in me, I don't know, but there's a constant battlein me between doing a movie that's totally silly without redeeming social value, and doing a more meaningful spoof of real life and why do we act like this? Of course, none of my movies are based in our reality, I think Potential Sins comes closest; I always inject a dose or overdose of surreal or over the top situations.
Q: Do you ever wish to make something other than a comedy?
Legge: Sometimes I want to try to make a horror film, but I think I would still be on the fringe of acceptance; no nudity and not buckets of blood. Something more subtle and atmospheric, maybe more along the lines of one of the Val Lewton thrillers of the 40's. I guess I was born in the wrong era. Ask anyone.
Q: What's next for Sideshow Cinema?
Legge: A bit of a rest actually. I'm sliding reluctantly into the digital age now, (and I was just getting used to video!), and I want the time to acquaint myself with it. I am working on a new script titled, Honey Glaze, which I based very loosely on old TV show from the 60's called Honey West. She predated Emma Peel as a crime fighting babe in black outfits. Anne Francis played her. The show lasted for one season. God, I wish someone would rerun that show!
Q: We'll be waiting for that one, and I'm sure it will be just as ridiculous as you can make it.
Legge: If it isn't, I'll never be able to face my ancestors in Limbo!

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