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Nov 06, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Tina Krause is one of those rare actress who manages to separate herself from all the competition of pretty faces at the ultra low-budget movie level! She has done so well in fact that recent rumors have her moving on up to Hollywood films! Well we cornered Tina recently and forced her to do one of our quickie interviews - and here is what she had to say!
Dark Gallery) Rumor has it you have left the b-movie scene? Can you clear up what's being said and let the fans now what exactly Tina Krause's future with b-movies is?
Tina Krause) I haven't left completely, but I am moving on to different things. Looking to do more dramas, comedy but on a serious level. The b-world will still be a part of the things that I'll be doing and from time to time a good script or something fun will come my way and I'll take it. I'm looking to get into things that can be put in the general publics face and looking for more challenges in the acting world. I'll still be at conventions and such for the time being.
DG) You recently directed your own movie. Can you tell our audience about it?
TK) Yes, it's called Limbo. It's a psychological horror with lots of visuals and many uneasy scenes. Story is written about a person who is living in denial and eventually devours her closest friends. They come back for her because their souls are not at rest and she need to die in order for them to be free. As you know the dead "realistically" cannot harm the living, so them make her go insane till she can't function any more and winds up killing herself unwillingly.
DG) How has the reaction been so far?
TK) People who read the script like it a lot and people who see the trailer want to see it finished (me too). Every once and a while I get a person who is not sure what the trailer is about but they usually see it on a fly and not the whole trailer.... that's okay.
DG) You seemed to be working regularly as an actress. It's not uncommon for actresses and actors to try their hand at directing - but it is a lot rarer to see this on a b-movie level. Did you always see it as a normal progression?
TK) No, I can understand where that would be rare in this area of movie work. It was a natural progression for me because I have a thousand ideas in my head all the time and I wanted to put at least one of them out there. I don't see much of what I would like to see in this industry, so I figured if want something ya have to do it yourself. Directing was another challenge that I wanted to explore, now I know why directors are frustrated or on speed hahaha. It's important to get your vision out there and to learn from behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera, besides I enjoy it.
DG) Any recent movies, acting wise, you can tell us about?
TK) Aja - it's a sci-fi flick with lots of special effects and action. I play Aja who is a female prisoner in the future, she later becomes a soldier for the wars that are going on in space. I can't tell you any more or I'll give away the ending. It has emotion, action some comedy and visual effects. Starting a new film in early June with a British cast called the "machines of love and hate"
DG) You recently acted in a Vampire movie from Donald Farmer - shot in Paris no less! How did that production go?
TK) It went well and Paris is beautiful! The story is more of a love story or is written to be that way, but yes it is a vampire story non the less. I met some people in Paris that were great and their film work was just as wonderful plus some actors and actresses from Europe that were also lovely. Some day soon I'm going to back there for sure.
DG) Back to directing (and even writing) - what can we expect next from you in this regards? Anything?
TK) Yes!!!! I have a few scripts in the works. One is a comedy on no budget fetish films (and will cost me an arm and a leg... how ironic) The second one is an action/drama love story between a pimp and a runaway in the ghetto called "a small episode" and third well this is in the works possible doc on b-film industry and artists in this area but well see... could be very funny if I get the right people.
DG) Any other parts of the b-movie making trade you might want to try your hand at?
TK) Well let's see I wrote, directed, acted, set design and a camera person....oh yes I'd like to learn to edit a film and maybe be able to make a score for a movie, although I have a great team right now and wouldn't change it for the world. I like being the camera person/cinematography a lot!
DG) And last, just tell us about some upcoming shows you might be attending so fans can stop by and say "hello!"
TK) Chiller this October!

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