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Written by Mitch Persons   
Nov 09, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Oglers of photos in recent issues of Playboy might notice a striking resemblance between a sensuous blonde named Stacey Lee Coldren and a woman appearing in Femme Fatales Magazine, Stacey Linde. That's because the two women are one and the same.

"I use the name Stacey Lee Coldren as a cover, actually," says the actress who has appeared in such films as A GAME OF PLEASURE and DONNIE BRASCO. "I don't want my father to find out that I pose nude. I'm originally from Louisville, Kentucky, which has a reputation of being a very conservative place. My father still lives there. He is a teacher of science and math, and as staid and upright as they come. He wouldn't like to hear from his students, 'Oh, hey, guess what? I saw your daughter in Playboy!'

"My mother, on the other hand, is just the opposite. She is very liberal in her thinking. That may be one of the reasons why she and my father got divorced. She's so liberal that she’s said many times that she would have liked to pose for that magazine herself when she was younger.

"Still, being from Kentucky, my mother has that slight edge of conservative protectiveness that never seems to go away. When I was in eighth grade I was accepted into a performing arts school in Louisville. At the same time, I had made cheerleader for my high school team. I was living with my mother up in the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky, and she thought I'd be better off up in the mountains as a cheerleader than I would be as an acting student in the big city, so I never learned that I was accepted into the performing arts school until it was too late. Because of that I had to grow up with no theater experience, no drama classes, no local theater. I really didn't get any acting training until I went to college, at Florida State University.

"So," Linde says with a slight, schoolgirlish giggle, "I blame my lack of acting training on my mom. It's all her fault. She didn't let me go to 'fame school!'"
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