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Written by Article by Joel D. Wynkoop, with assistance by Chris Irvine   
Nov 13, 2004 at 07:00 PM
Were on the set of LOST FAITH. Kicks are flying high, and bodies are tossed around like rag dolls. It's an action packed movie full of martial arts and side splitting comedy. In the tradition of KILL AND KILL AGAIN and THE LAST DRAGON, this movie delivers!
(CREEP, WICKED GAMES, KILLING SPREE, TRUTH OR DARE, and ILLUSIONS). He plays Steve Nekoda, a man forced into a battle with an evil white slavery leader, called the Master, kidnaps his wife, Donna. The Master is played by David Bardsley, and here's a guy who knows his martial arts! David has been in more than 150 tournament fights, and is the current defending champ of the WESTCHESTER KARATE INVITATIONAL in New York City.
David delivers a cool and convincing performance as the evil "MASTER."
As expected, all evil entities need an oafish sidekick, and LOST FAITH's is played by actor and second degree black belt David Lurry. David proved perfect as the coniving Barnes. As the main comic relief, he's like GILLIGAN to the The Master's SKIPPER here.
At first, Steve leaves it up to the cops to handle the case, playing the worried hubby. But when it becomes apparent that these bunch of donut-munchers are just dragging their heels (and not just because they're lazy, let-me-tell-you!), Nekoda is forced to step up and and take matter into his own lethal hands. Needless to say, butt-busting ensues!
Teamed with Sharella (Melisa Sanford, who has appeared on BAYWATCH, BEVERLY HILLS 90210, and KNOTS LANDING), Steve is lead to the island hideout of the Master. Danger confronts them both at every turn in the form of near-invincible bad guys. Buddy (THUNDER COUNTY) Desarro also briefly jones the troup, playing a tough but silly boxer that throws a few fists with Steve. All this lead to a final martial arts battle to the finish. I won't tell you exactly what happens, but let's just say we get more than one all-out bone-crunching match. It's also at this time that the movie take a more serious aspect, as Steve confronts and battles the infamous Master -- not only to save his wife, but also to win back his faith in himself!
Most of the production went off without a hitch. Sure there was the occasional misguided kick to the, er, let's just say that very special region that's very excruitiating to us guys. And there were plenty of blown lines and uncontrollable fits of laughter. And in one rather tense moment, a gun was even accidentally discharged too early, just missing an actor's face (Good thing it was just a realistic bb gun!). But instead of me sitting here and telling you about all these wacky moments, why don't you check them out yourself in my special "Behind-the-Scenes of LOST FAITH" tape - STAY HUNGRY. Not only will blooper fans enjoy this tape, but also aspiring filmmaker's, who will find it a must - here's their chance to learn about what really goes on during a B-movie shoot!
So, to tie it all up in a neat bundle for you - we're talking damsels in distress, MONTY PYTHON humor, and "Chuck Norris" style action! Comedy AND high-kicking karate at it's best! What more could you ask for for just a measly twenty bucks!
Besides, what else are ya gonna do with that money - all that pizza will just make you fat!

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