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Nov 14, 2004 at 07:00 PM
Shannon is the star of the hot new hit Lust of the Vampire Hooker - currently burning up the sales charts at b-movie.com! We recently contacted Shannon for an email interview - here is what she had to say!
Dark Gallery: How did you get involved in shot-on-video movies?
Shannon: Joe Sherlock ended up having to reshot much of Monster in the Garage in 1997 due to a problem with the original actess for Edie. He gave me a call and asked if I could spend a day doing it. I said sure since I had nothing better to do that day and it all started from there.
DG: What do you enjoy most about working in these movies?
Shannon: The people I work with. Most of them have been friends for a while so we have a lot of fun playing pranks on each other. Most of us work really well together.
DG: What do you enjoy LEAST about working in them?
Shannon: Spending 3 hours in the pouring rain waiting for the director to go back to his house to get new batteries for the camera (after promising they were charged this time) then having tapioca pudding thrown on me for a special effect. Did not make me a happy camper. Luckily Joe was not the one that did this to me. He did get to wait with me though, as he was on the shoot, too :)
DG: Joe Sherlock wrote Crimson Heather with you mind. Did you enjoy playing the character?
Shannon: I did. It was a chance to play my dark side. My real life is pretty normal, so playing someone unlike myself (at least most of the time) was a nice change.
DG: Crimson Heather started as a spring break project and ended up taking two years? Tell us about that.
Shannon: Joe (or I) kept coming up with great ideas for the story line. The original piece ends after I kill Jack. The whole initial bar scene and the scenes following the move were add-ons. Plus I moved out of town during the last year and 1/2 of filming which made scheduling difficult.
DG: Any interesting stories from the set?
Shannon: Yes, the intiatial apartment scenes were filmed during the day at the place I lived at the time. It happened to be across the parking lot from one of the Fraternities. In the scene where I haul the huntress out to the dumpster in garbage bags a bunch of the guys happened to be looking out the window...Let me tell you someone taking out the garbage in a leather corset and 4" spike heeled thigh high boots attracts ALOT of attention.
DG: You got to play another bloodsucker in Lust of the Vampire Hookers. Tell us about that shoot.
Shannon: I was planning on visiting Corvallis that weekend and about 2 days before I came up Joe e-mailed me about the current project and wanted to know what my plans were for that weekend. Since I was coming up anyway as was Eric (my victim!) we put me in. It was shot in one day. During the filming we also came up with the ending nightmare sequence.
DG: You've got your own fan club - how does that work?
Shannon: For a $15 membership fee you get an autographed 8 x 10 and a newsletter subscription. The newsletter covers current and up coming projects, special discounts, info on available films. Check out the web site http://www.proaxis.com/~sherlockfam/shannon.html for details.
DG: What other projects have you worked in?
Shannon: I've also been in Trailer Park Double Wide Trilogy of Terror and Odd Noggins (both in post-production), and Monster in the Garage all through F & C Productions, Shadows of Dread through Uptight White Guy Productions and Dreamwalkers directed by John Bowker of Pipedreams Entertainment.
DG: Do you have anything else coming up?
Shannon: We need to finish filming my sequence for Odd Noggins...plus I'm sure I'll be involvedin whatever strange projects Joe has cooking around in his head. Also there's plans in the works for another project with Pipedreams.

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