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Nov 15, 2004 at 07:00 PM
Zombie vs. Mardi Gras has only been out on video for about a year now - but in that time, this movie has already achieved the status of "cult classis!" Reviewers either love or hate - ***** stars or "0" stars! A high camp classic, it deceives the viewer into thinking it is a much simplier movie than it really is! Is it a 50's horror movie spoof or is it a brilliant satire of Mardi Gras? We'll let you, the viewer decide.  
We recently sat down with Mike Lyddon for another one of our patented quickie interviews. Here is what he has had to say about this hit movie!
Dark Gallery) Can you tell us a little bit about the plot for Zombie!?
Mike Lyddon) Hehe, I was hoping you'd enlighten ME on that one! Really, the plot is quite simple. A boy is crippled during a mardi gras parade and vows vengeance on those (i.e. anyone) who maimed him. He becomes adept at Black Magic and summons an ancient Sumerian Zombie (with a little help from a gorgeous Naked Sumerian Goddess) to do his bidding.
DG) Which came first - the story or the Mardi Gras footage?
ML) All footage was shot after the screenplay was written, as we orchestrated people in various crowds to do certain actions for the camera. Most of them actually loved the idea. You must realize too, its not very easy moving down Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday with a 3 man crew trying to get drunken "extras" to cooperate!
DG) You incorporate a unique style in Zombie! What inspired the look and feel of the movie?
ML) Because we were going for a 50's/60's low budget horror film look (as well as an homage to both Roger Corman and Jean Luc Godard) I elected to shoot the film using Kodak plus X black and white reversal film to achieve that "classic" look. I also lit many of the scenes using red filters to boost the contrast, this is particularly evident in the "Zombie rises sequence."
DG) The movie can be, at least initially to the viewer, deceiving. Some of the reviewers out there have totally understood the movie and given it the highest of marks, and others... well they have missed the point and have called it "the worst movie ever." To those reviewers, what do you say?
ML) I would say "stop listening to Britanny Spears records and get a freaking clue!" Zombie! is not your typical horror-comedy. Our influences cater to the very unusual, more underground aspects of story telling. If your looking for a plot which reads "A then B then C," forget it, we're not going to give it to you that easily. This film contains "anti-subplots," that is to say, a sub-plot which is designed to GO NOWHERE, a true red herring if you will.
DG) Any problems or funny stories from shooting during Mardi Gras?
ML) Well lets see...I wouldnt call many naked women on the set constantly a problem:) But there were some logistical problems with shooting some of the action sequences. for instance, when "Ninja" battles Zombie!, our Ninja wasn't exactly Chuch Norris, he was more akin to an overweight Jon Lovitz! So when it came time for him to Leap in the air to smack Zombie, we soon discovered the guy could not jump more than a foot or so off the ground, so I rigged a short trash can he stood on and I laid on the ground right in front of him and shot him "jumping" several times. With a bit of editing the scene came off great. (btw aspiring filmmakers, when you shoot a film and your less than thrilled with the visual results, remember two things: EDITING AND SOUND! These can easily comprise 50% of a films impact, sometimes more.)
DG) What does the future hold for the "Zombie!" Is there a chance for any further adventures? Maybe a "Son of Zombie!" or something along those lines?
ML) Oh yes, I've already penned a sequel which could be done as early as spring of 2001. (Hint: It has to do with Zombies and Spring Break). I call it "ZOMBIE! VS. SPRING BREAK." We figured we reached an unofficial "bare breast" record with Zombie! Vs. Mardi Gras," (i think the count was 64). So I figure the least I could do is double amount that for the sequel!

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