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Nov 17, 2004 at 07:00 PM
Those of you close to the b-movie scene have probably taken notice of a talented new actress named Roxanne Michaels! And for those of you who haven't, you will soon enough when you get to see Roxanne's stellar work in the upcoming Sub Rosa release of STUMPED! We recently sat down with her for a brief discussion of her quickly developing b-movie career...
Q: How did you get into acting?
Roxanne Michaels: Well, I got into movies by accident. I got tricked into a camera test by director Paul Talbot. I was working as an assistant for him as a media arts student. I decide to become an actress when I met my acting teacher a year ago and immersed myself in the Meisner technique.
Q: What do you think of your early work?
RM: In my early films, I was predominately eye candy. So, I got a feel for being in front of the camera but I don't really feel I was acting.
Q: You've learned a lot in a short time and have really developed your craft. What's the secret to your success?
RM: By taking acting classes and watching actors I admire such as in the genre, Debbie Rochon and Gillian Anderson and outside the genre, Johnny Depp, Parker Posey, & Meryl Streep. Also, I took a big risk this fall by putting off movies and devoting myself to an off-Broadway play. On stage, you have greater capabilities to connect with the other actors and fully experience living in character. That has helped me grow.
Q: What work are you most proud of so far?
RM: I think that my last two big projects best exemplify my abilities. When I shot "Stumped," I just started studying acting. The part was something I could show my ability to play a character role. I am animated in real life and I never got to show that part of me on film before. Other than "Stumped", I think that the play I just finished was some of my best work thus far.
Q: What projects are you working on now?
RM: I am currently working on a project with Director Herb Wood. It is a sci-fi movie about a "fantasies for hire" agency of the future. I am co-writing the movie and going to play the lead. Other than that I am looking for interesting projects to work on for late winter and am discussing producing a short that I wrote myself.
Q: What do you see in the future for Roxanne Michaels? What is your dream project?
RM: I would like to work on quality and bigger budget projects with Indie directors. A dream would be to work with people such as Jim Jarmusch, David Cronenburg, Terry Gilliam, and David Lynch. Their movies are always interesting, and innovative. They intrigue me much more than most of the studio films out there.

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