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Written by by Chris Hartley   
Nov 19, 2004 at 07:00 PM
Somewhere in the depths of New York City comes Mr. Creepo. He's here to bestow on people a smorgsboard of sleaze, blood and nekkid women. We at Sub Rosa had a talk with the Creep himself (the alter ego of producer Tim Beckley).
Q: Who Is Mr Creepo?
A: Some say he is the offspring of a human woman and a devil from Hell. Others insist at one time he was merely a man; a man who sold his soul to know the ultimate pleasures of the universe. Whatever the case, he has known the pleasures and pains of the world. He has experienced every deviancy and perversion known to man and demon alike and has revelled in it. His name has been whispered by those who fear his awesome powers. Others simply know him as "The Beast". He walks amongst us now often confined to the darkest backroads of the human unconscious. But now he is free, free once again to bright his nightmares and passions to the unsuspecting. There is no place to escape him...he is here at last...he is MR CREEPO.
Q: Wouldn't you say thats a bit of an exaggeration, a real come on, largely hype?
A: Sure. All that and more! That's what "Mr Creepo presents" is selling. It's the sizzle, the steak, the grand illusion, the hall of mirrors; but that's all me. My background is unique. I've been a publicist with clients like Peter Max. A rock and roll promotor going back to the days of glitter rock. I've met David Bowie. Used to hang out with the greats. Even met Jimi Hendrix. Been on over 500 radio and talk shows as Mr. UFO, one of the World's leading experts on flying saucers. Edited about 30 magazines and newspapers. Been a stringer for the Enquirer. Spoken at the House of Lords. Traveled the world. Been there. Done that.
Q: But how does that make you a host of horror films and a producer of some pretty whacky videos?
A: I got my start in the movie business back in l974 when I became the critic for Hustler magazine. Being a job of great esteem and importance I made a lot of connections. Got to know all the B-movie producers, filmmakers and distributors. Worked as a free lance publicist promoting the Hell out of such classics as Cry For Cindy, Spirit of Seventy Sex...you name it. Later on I was the editor of ADULT CINEMA REVIEW. While packaging this publication my cohort Cindy and I decided we could make movies better than anyone else. We pooled our resources and produced and directed what has become an adult horror classic. DRILLER is one of a kind. Essentially it's the adult take off of Michael Jackson's Thriller video. It has all sorts of oddball deviant scenes in including a werewolf doing what he shouldn't be doing and zombies eating more than flesh.
Q:How did the critics receive it?
A: Like with all of our stuff...They either liked it or hated it. It's definitely not a movie for the raincoat crowd. It played drive-ins, the last of the adult movie circuit and sold about 7200 copies on video. Years later we discovered our distributor had repackaged the product and was selling it long after his contract expired. Ron Bonk - Sub Rosa -- had picked it up and has recently re-released it. But now it is back in our hands. It still is a good product regardless of if you are into Michael Jackson or not. We put in lots of original music, special effects and had real actors and actresses...not just porno people in it. In fact, we gave a lot of people their start in the business. Some of those who worked for the first time on DRILLER went on to become sought after in Hollywood, working on films such as UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, Brandon Lee's SHOW DOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO, BASKETCASE TWO, and the LEPRECHAUN series.
Q: But this was X...and what your doing isn't, is that correct?
A: Definitely not! Its horror with an edge...quite an edge. There is nudity. Sexual humor. Buckets of blood. And we're only just beginning. So far we've released BARELY LEGAL LESBIAN VAMPIRES; THE CURSE OF ED WOOD and SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE. In various stages of post production are the forthcoming SKIN EATING JUNGLE VAMPIRES and BLOOD SPURTING VAMPIRE FREAKS.
Q: Like W.A.V.E. and other independent production companies you make a certain kind of genre movie. How do you differ from them?
A: By spending more money. Most of the stuff that is shot on video and released or distributed by these relatively small outfits is done for $3500 to $5000 tops. A lot are done for under $l500 -- BELIEVE IT OR NOT. They have a handful of actresses, shoot in one or two locations, use stock music, and usually don't pay anyone. That's not Mr. Creepo's policy by a long shot. I went to see Mission:Impossible 2 and like they had Tom Cruise, a sexy lead actress and a dozen guys in black swat uniforms. We give the audience 5, 6, 7 gals, Mr Creepo , original music by the best bands around like SHOVE IT and the SERPENTEENS, and good locations. For example we spent a week in Costa Rica shooting the forthcoming SKIN EATING JUNGLE VAMPIRES. Sure our cast doesn't consist of big Hollywood names, but I pick my people on their personality, wit and charm. I'm kind of like Andy Warhol when it comes to film making. My actors are all originals. They are characters in their own right. Not someone's cardboard cut outs.
A: It may be one of the sickest flicks ever made, that's what it is! It's the story of Tiffany a soriety cheerleader who goes off to Costa Rica on spring break and is kidnapped by the jungle vampires, a lost tribe of blood suckers whose flying saucer crashed into a volcano decades ago and they have made there home inside the volcano ever since. On their home planet they were blood suckers...they need blood to keep young and healthy. And boy are they healthy looking...and young! We got four really hot l8 and l9 year old honies from the other side of the tracks -- Amtrack that is. They really get into a grove eating limbs, sucking on all kinds of disgusting entrails. Plus there is some really shameful girl-girl licking and tonguing. This technically is "soft core," but it will set any male's blood boiling. Its all this and more in that Mr Creepo is the king of their planet. Our star Carla Anderson is in constant telepathic contact with her sister Tiffany and goes off to search for her sister as she has not heard from her after promising to stay in touch.
Q: You shot this in Cosat Rica? How could you afford to do this?
A: Lots of American Express reward travel points. Been saving em since l992. We've got beautiful beaches -- some of the nicest in the world -- wild animals, jungles and a god damn exploding volcano which went off right on cue. Just like the original Godzilla and a lot of other films it would not have been practical to shoot everything on location. What we didn't shoot in Costa Rica we did elsewhere. That's not unusual. But this does give this forthcoming feature a million dollar look. Which just goes to show you that you don't have to be a Hollywood producer to do something that looks expensive, but has a respectable budget. We also will have some original music by Bleu Ocean who has produced for Pink Floyd and was the drummer for the Monkees back when they didn't really play their instruments. We are also going to be adding animation and special effects. Our Emmy Award winning editor Tim Swartz from Indianapolis will be starting work shortly on putting this all together hopefully for Xmas release or release early in 2001.
Q: Are you Flipping off the mainstream?
A: I'm flipping off everyone I hope. I have nothing against Hollywood and the mainstream. In fact, I love movies. See tons of films. Got a box load here. Just watched THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING and IN THE HOOD with Debbie Rochon who starred in our SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE. I like horror. I like action. But I don't like a lot of things -- especially what the mainstream critics like. I hated CHICKEN RUN. I couldn't stand NUTTY PROFESSOR and can't believe they made a second part. And BLAIR WITCH...let me stick a finger down by throat. I mean really what was that? Frightening? To who? LAST BROADCAST was much better. Nine hundred dollars well spent. Hey but someone has to take a chance in this business. Its all up for grabs. There are no definite winners. You toss your hat -- or head -- into the ring and you take a chance. It's as simple as that.
A: I hope they will turn heads. Maybe turn stomachs. Some people will hate what we do. Others will love it. You've got to go into this and suspend belief. You can't expect something made for twenty grand to look like it cost twenty million. Movies are movies. Budget isn't important. True talent is. I've got talent. My people have talent. We have imagination. And we know what horror fans like cause we are horror fans. We've been doing this for less than a year and we've gotten lots of fan mail, telephone calls wanting to know when the next video will be out and our web site MRCREEPO.COM has upon occasion been getting 300 hits a day.
Q: Where do you find your performers? Are they professional actors and actresses?
A: That's an honest question. Actually, we find them in a variety of places. For example, Di Di Delicious is the lead singer for the band SHOVE IT. I first met her at the Scrap Bar years ago pretty drunk on my ass. The band rocked and we have been friends ever since. She is the associate producer of SKIN EATING JUNGLE VAMPIRES. Di Di is her stage personification. That's the only name anybody knows her by. Other gals such as Persephone have been on the New York fetish scene for a while now. She has been in other films. Has a very active cult following and does a column for New York Rocker's web site. She makes personal appearances all over the country. Other people just appeal to me. I kind of use the same system Andy Warhol did to find and create talent. You want to find someone who is different and whose originality comes across on the screen. I think Violet Sweet is going to make a name for herself. And Carla Anderson -- star of SKIN EATING JUNGLE VAMPIRES -- has already been in a couple of art house shorts. This will be her first feature. You can give her a concept...an idea...and she will run with it. Unfortunately, because of everyone's schedule, we don't have a lot of time to shot scenes over and over and so it's important that you get some character development going...some personal charisma. Sex helps sell these b movies. And Creepo always tosses in a good laugh and a cackle now and then.
Q: What are your goals? Your aspirations? What does the future hold for Creepo and company?
A: Lots of excitement I hope. Goals? Well I suppose to get more polished as we go along and to expand our following. To welcome more pretty Creepettes in front of the camera. I think we have a unique product here. Its like of like going to the movies on Saturday afternoon in the old days and catching the serial. Creepo is always around the bend waiting to catch you off guard.

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