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Written by by Michael Legge   
Nov 24, 2004 at 07:00 PM
That's the idea that struck me as I started writing this claustrophobic comedy about a group of people gathered at a birthday party. POTENTIAL SINS revolves around a group of guests planning a surprise party for their friend, Larry Carp.  They are indeed surprised when they discover the depressed Larry has attempted to commit suicide. His distraught wife, Mona, and Ralph, family friend and Mona's one night stand lover, revive Larry in time. All the guests at the party are having some kind of problem. Larry¹s mother, Maggie, is very angry when Earl, Larry¹s father and Maggie's ex-husband, shows up at the party. Mona and Ralph, who have had their sexual fling, are at odds now, as Ralph schemes to break up Larry's marriage. The movie culminates to an unexpected climax involving a wayward priest, a woman with a peculiar fetish, and a psycho guest trying to kill everyone else.
POTENTIAL SINS features many of the Sideshow regulars such as James Porter, (sleazeball Roger from CUTTHROATS), Phyllis Weaver, (bitch witch from LOONS), and Rebecca Tredeau, (Bat girl from SICK TIME.) We welcome to our swelling rep company Phyllis Rittner, Phil Fougere, Michael Lydon and Victor Dupuis. And of course there¹s me, but who cares about me? Other than the IRS.
I send my thanks to my scattered fans who are actually looking for comedy and satire instead of blood and boobs. (I have nothing against blood and boobs, but I can get that at home.) I will continue to churn out thoughtful stuff that will make the more twisted of you laugh at times. Psychotronic magazine recently accused my movie WORKING STIFFS of being kinda fun and I still feel honored that in an article in the Boston Review magazine it was said of me that I existed in the fringe of the fringe, a tight spot indeed!

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