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Nov 26, 2004 at 07:00 PM
Hitman is an excellent new release from Sub Rosa Studios that is just starting to make waves in the independent market. We recently sat down with the director, Roberto Roarke, for another of our patented quickie interviews. Here's what he had to say!
Dark Gallery) Tell us a little about your career in filmmaking?
Roberto Roarke) I started making short movies on Super 8 when I was 14. This continued till I decided I needed other people to fund my filmmaking and chose to get into music videos, which in essence are short films. I did my first music video for a band called Scarfo here in the UK. I approached the band and told them I'd shoot their live gig and turn it into a music video and if they liked it, all they had to do was pay the cost. They had nothing to lose and were blown away when they saw the finished results. (The video aired on UK National TV a month later). I continued making more videos and gradually the budgets started to increase and six months from when I started I got signed to Propaganda Films in the UK as a director. I decided I had learned what I needed to know from making music videos and wanted to make "Hitman", which I had written. I decided to raise the funds independently and go for it!
DG) What is the basic plot of Hitman?
RR) It's about a man who learns how to kill and ends up liking it.
DG) What inspired you to make a movie like this?
RR) A lot of the stuff in the movie comes from incidents in my life (no, I haven't killed anyone!). But I wanted to do a film that was a cross between American Film Noir and French New wave cinema. I think the final results were more like a cross between Pulp Fiction, Hard Boiled and El Mariachi!
DG) What kind of difficulties did this production present you?
RR) Nothing that I hadn't encountered making music videos. However, sound was challenging as with a low budget we were constrained to using location sound most of the time.
DG) How was the movie received by UK audiences?
RR) Very well. I got good comments from the guys at Film Four (the leading UK independent film company)
DG) Which director's influenced you the most?
RR) Directors that understand film is a visual medium. I learn stuff from almost every film I see. For Hitman, I guess it was John Woo, Cassavetes and Jean Pierre Melville, who directed a French film called Le Samourai. Overall I'd say Spielberg.
DG) Any projects in the works?
RR) Two. Both thrillers.
Thanks Roberto - and continued luck with all!

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