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Nov 29, 2004 at 07:00 PM
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Debbie Rochon, Taking the Tromatic Route to Stardom!
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Debbie Rochon has always been one of our biggest supporters in the scene! And we figured it was about time you got an update on what she has been working on! Debbie sat down with us recently for another of our infamous quickie interviews - Read on!
Dark Gallery) You've been involved in the last three high profile Troma releases - first, how did your association with Troma begin?
Debbie Rochon) I met Lloyd Kaufman in 1992 during my stint as an associate editor of a certain genre magazine and I was interested in running a feature on him. After our initial meeting, he invited me to participate in various Troma events. I posed for movie posters and appeared in Troma skits which aired on Comedy Central and Cinemax.
DG) Tromeo and Juliet was a bit of comeback for Troma. Can you tell us about your role and how you first heard about it?
DR) While shooting the "Troma System" infomercial in 1994, Lloyd told me about a project that he was dying to do: Tromeo & Juliet. Although the script had not yet been written, he was extremely excited about this particular movie because he knew it would revitalize his career and the Troma brand. At that point, he had not made a movie for five years, so this project was very important for him. In early 1995, Lloyd gave me the script and told me to start working on the Ness character. In the script, Ness had many dialogue scenes that never made it into the final version of the film. It’s too bad, because they were very well written scenes and they were a joy to perform, but I understand it would have slowed the pacing of the film down, so I agreed with their choice to cut them. Ness is based on the nurse character from the original Romeo & Juliet, but with the requisite Troma twist: body piercing, tattoos, lesbianism and a typically East Village sensibility.
DG) How did you react to the content of the role? Basically, the scene called for a lesbian love scene, something, as far as I know, you had never done in any movie before. Did you almost pass on the role because of this?
DR) First of all, no, I had never done a lesbian love scene before Tromeo, nor have I done a lesbian love scene since Tromeo. I thought playing a lesbian would be a challenge, like any other role I’ve done. My only disappointment was that half of my scenes were cut out of the movie, including some very dynamic dialogue scenes with Juliet. But given that the first cut of the film was four hours long, every character suffered significant scene losses.
DG) Next you worked on Terror Firmer - can you tell us about your character and what the role required from you? Was it more demanding, especially in terms of what you would be presenting yourself as on screen, than your work in Tromeo?
DR) I play Christine, the ultimate prima donna, bad, B-movie actress. The character was inspired by all the worst actresses Lloyd had ever worked with. It was simply a joy to do. I absolutely loved playing a character that is so over the top and ridiculous. If people have half as much fun watching my character as I did in performing her, then I will be satisfied. Christine was much more demanding than Ness in the sense that she was a very neurotic character and was prone to emotional outbursts, as opposed to Ness, who was strong, yet quietly emotional.
DG) Then, to top all else you then secured a role in the popular Toxic Avenger series - the latest movie being called Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part 4. You must have been pretty excited to be part of this high profile series of movies! Can you tell us about that and your character?
DR) Yes, I was thrilled to be in a Toxic Avenger movie. In Citizen Toxie I play Ms. Weiner, a nine-months pregnant, Jewish, single mother who is a teacher of the mentally impaired. At the top of the movie, I’m teaching my students about Mexico when, abruptly, the diaper Mafia burst into the classroom and string me up like a Piñata. This Toxic sequel contains two parallel universes pitting Toxie, the hero of Tromaville, against the Noxious Offender, villain of Amortville. Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part 4 should start hitting the film festival circuit in the fall of 2000.
DG) I know they had action figures for the Toxic Avenger cartoon series. Are we going to see any for the new movie, i.e. a "Debbie Rochon" action figure?
DR) Not that I’m aware of, but don’t forget---you can still get the Debbie Rochon model kit at www.monstersinmotion.com. And, while you’re putting the kit together, don’t forget to listen to the show that I co-host with Tim Reid at www.eYada.com. And, if you go to www.amazon.com, you can pick up The B-Movie Survival Guide, which I co-wrote (with a forward by Joe Bob Briggs), and which is sure to impress even your most sophisticated houseguests.
DG) I'm sure many of your fans would want a Debbie Rochon blow-up action figure! Oh, just kidding, but in mentioning the fans, I see you are now battling for #2 on the top 100 Scream Queen list. How does this make you feel? You must be proud that your fans have supported you and responded so well to your body of work!
DR) I always sincerely appreciate any and all the support I get from the fans. None of us would be making movies if it weren’t for them. Let us not forget that. However, I have never been one to support or encourage competitiveness among fellow artists.
DG) And speaking of achievements, you also secured a role in the new footage added to the re-release of the original Night of the Living Dead. Tell me something, why kind of response did you see from the fans?
DR) I loved being involved with the filming of NOLD30. I had great time, I was thrilled when they asked me and in spite of everything, I have not a single regret about being in the movie. I would bet you that if my biggest critics were asked to be in this movie, they would have said yes in a flash. There was a core contingent of fanatics who were quite vocal about their view that the original classic should not have been tampered with. But I think that dedicating entire web sites to the hatred of ANY film is ludicrous.
DG) Any other recent projects you want to mention?
DR) I will be going to Belgium and Germany sometime this summer to shoot DEMONIUM, I will be shooting American Nightmare this fall (www.american-nightmare.com), you can get the latest update on the sci-fi epic Split by going to www.splitbrain.com, and, last but not least, you can pick up Hellblock 13 right here at www.b-movie.com, which has just been released on DVD and VHS.
DG) Thanks for chatting with us. Final question - for your fans wanting to meet you, what conventions might they catch you at this year?
DR) None at the moment, but I will certainly let you know as bookings are confirmed.

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Comment by Hellen on 2015-10-22 21:34:42
Wow, I'm speechless. athgoulh I will have to see the re-make of mother's Day (loved Repo, brilliantly directed film), I have no interest in a Toxic re-make especially if it's from the director of Hot Tub Time Machine, what a over-rated piece of trash that was, I didn't even smile once during that film, making it an extremely ineffective comedy. The thing that made Toxic Avenger so funny was that it wasn't trying to be funny, it's just campy in so many ways because of the budget and production. If it's forced to be funny, I see it as probably massively failing. I'm tired of re-makes, why not just make a part 5, and have that guy direct it, wouldn't that make more sense? Rather than ruining a classic for a new generation that will never bother to appreciate the original for what it was: a camp-tastic masterpiece! Great to hear this bit of news though, thanks Max!

Comment by Vanderson on 2015-10-23 04:52:37
on his blog that Troma hasn't been doing too well lately, and the reoasn he sold the rights was because they plan to use the money on The Toxic Avenger Part 5. So I'm happy to know that THEY will keep their movies going It DOES upset me that Troma won't be as underground anymore and all the movies I've been trying to get my friends into will be in Blockbuster and they'll be asking ME if I've ever heard of em. lol

Comment by Sanwaartan on 2015-10-24 19:02:16
To be honest i think the Mothers Day rkmeae looks pretty good from clips & pics ive seen but how can they rkmeae Toxic Avenger , it will be stupid , just cant make films like that anymore , even though its not one of my fave films , the campyness of the 80s cannot be replicated these days (FACT)Cheers for the info Max http://wxfbmxfaomf.com [url=http://eqpiwifncww.com]eqpiwifncww[/url] [link=http://zwveizgtn.com]zwveizgtn[/link]

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