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Written by By Mitch Persons   
Dec 02, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Stacy Rosman sits at a table at Los Angeles’ El Coyote restaurant, a large taco salad in front of her. Outwardly, the sexy brunette with the killer figure and the amber eyes is all poise and pulchritude. Yet, she admits, she is feeling quite unsettled.
"I had a rather unpleasant experience recently," Rosman says. She puts a hefty piece of chicken into her mouth and starts chewing. Suddenly, she grins. It is the grin of a cat who has just swallowed the tastiest canary in the world. "This is delicious! It’s interesting. I could be having the worst time of my life, and I’d still be able to eat ten meals a day. I can actually eat any person, man or woman, under the table. But my friends are always asking, ‘Where do you put it?’ No matter how much I stow away, I always stay at 115 pounds.
"I should be home cooking, right now, I’m that shaken up. A few days ago I had my first ‘casting couch’ experience. I wasn’t prepared for it at all. I didn’t know how to handle it. I ended up getting up and leaving, but I didn’t face the situation head on, which, after the fact and thinking about it, I probably should have."
She takes another bite of her salad. "Being from New York, and being theatrically trained, they take you much more seriously as an actor than out here. Out here, it’s a lot more who you know. I mean, I hear it all the time, about the casting couch situation. In Hollywood, there are so many beautiful women, and there are plenty of roles, but people are more apt to try to seduce you for the role. It’s not about your talent. It’s about what you can do for them, or give to them, unfortunately."
"Now, Pat Siciliano, the head of Surrender Films, is definitely a man who is an exception to all the garbage that goes on. I was in one of his movies, VERONICA 2030, where I played an announcer and a host for a fashion show, and also did a little bit of modeling. How did I get that part? Pat took one look at me, and said, ‘You know, Stacy, you remind me of my wife. You’re hired!’ "Let’s be honest, I wasn’t hired for my talent, I was hired for my looks, but sometimes it does happen that way. Sometimes it’s ‘just because’ -- you remind a producer of somebody, and they like you because of that, and you find yourself with a role, or they hate you because of that, and you get nothing.
"But that’s okay. I mean, right now, I have three films I’m doing. They’re not leading roles, but they’re good roles, and I’m fine with that right now, and I have several other projects following up on those three. I’ve been getting a lot of film calls, and a lot of attention from different producers for projects they’re working on. I’ve also written a screenplay. It’s called HIGH MAINTENANCE, and it’s the female version of SWINGERS, a more mature version of CLUELESS, and it’s got the whole Mafia thing in it."
"I worked on HIGH MAINTENANCE for over ten years, but I was having a hard time with an ending. My ex-boyfriend was murdered two years ago. It was on our seventh year anniversary, he was working at The China Club in New York and got stabbed, and when that happened, I threw myself into my writing as therapy. It was a very, very difficult situation, but out of that horrible tragedy, I managed to come up with my ending. If I ever get the funds to produce HIGH MAINTENANCE, the film will be dedicated to him.
"John Buechler is doing seven short films for the Internet, and he has asked me to be in them and be his poster girl. There’s also a good chance that John will be filming a remake of BARBARELLA, and I would be in that, possibly in the Jane Fonda role. I’ve also developed my own website, www.lovestacy.com.
"That’s kind of like, really interesting. Recently I’m putting myself out there for things, and all of a sudden, they’re just falling into my lap. That’s really a wonderful thing, because when I’m running around crazy and dying to get a certain role or audition, things just don’t seem to happen, and then for no reason that I can see, things fall right into place. Right here, right now -- even with that awful casting couch experience -- is a really, really good time for me, and I’m really happy. I feel it’s finally my time to shine."

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