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Dec 06, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Nightwing Productions is pleased to announce Satan's Menagerie, a feature length motion picture for video. Satan's Menagerie is a modern day "monster rally" inspired by the old monster movies we all grew up watching on TV in the 60's through the 80's. Now the monsters of the past come alive again in a new and exciting story, with a 90's look and feel.
The film stars Arthur Cwick as Gustav Markov, a tormented soul whose mystic abilities have lain hidden in his confused mind. Arthur's dark good looks and intense gaze helped him win the part over a number of other young New York actors.
Alexia Kouros plays Veronica Maitland, a young woman who brings our characters together to fulfill her dangerous and unearthly obsession. Al model turned actress, Alexia calls to mind such exotic beauties as Martine Beswick and Barbara Steele in their prime.
P.G. Tobin brings a wealth of stage and film experience to his part as Eric Stavros, the embittered and paralyzed war veteran who can only be truly whole when the full moon transforms him into the Werewolf.
Elektra Cartier the Vampire is played by Wendi Winburn, whose blond beauty gives a smoky, sensual quality to the centuries old creature of the night. Wendi's sense of humor lightened up the set on many occasions.
How much do you really know about Monsters?
Most of our notions about the creatures of legend come from the old monster movies we watched on television. But they don't tell the whole story, the secret history of the world. For even the beings of our darkest dreams must have come from some place, some primal memory that warns us to beware of what might still be waiting for us &endash; hidden in the shadows of the night.
In a time before history began they were born of the blood of a dark and evil "god": Jeramin; the last of an elder race, killed by his own foul priests who became the first "monsters" by drinking his tainted blood. Over the millennia they passed into to legend, their true nature and origins forgotten. But now, in the last decade of the 20th century, this evil reaches across the gulfs of time to threaten the very existence of our world.
Veronica Maitland, a young woman raised by an ancient cult schemes to return the evil god to earth. She is in control of Arcon the Living Mummy, and with the help of Dr. Addison Craymoor, plans to use the hidden abilities of Gustav Markov to gather together the remaining creatures of power. They seek the beautiful Vampire Elektra Cartier, embittered veteran Eric Stavros - The Werewolf, and Brax The Amphibian. Their blood is the key to freeing the undying God of Darkness &endash; and changing the world forever.

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